YPG – YPJ Command Statement, 10.30.14

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Editorial Comment:

If it is true as the final report here states, that the YPJ-YPG have agreed to align with the counter-revolutionary FSA to “defeat ISIL” in Kobane, there will be no further reports regarding their efforts published on this website. There is no difference between the FSA, al Qaeda, al Nusra and ISIL.  What the globalists have failed to do through all other means they may be attempting to accomplish in Syria by transforming a revolutionary movement with tremendous potential into an imperial proxy army.  Should this occur, there will be no future for this movement in Syria or the Kurdish people’s promising experiment in stateless democracy. The YPJ-YPG would then be defeated from within, but will not take Syria down in the process.

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Press Release 10/30/2014
@DefenseUnitsYPJ @Rojekazad @polatcano
Our forces destroyed 3 vehicles and damaged another one yesterday near the Jaz’ah region. @DefenseUnitsYPJ Oct. 30
Our troops managed to destroy a bus used to transport the terrorists in West Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ayn) @DefenseUnitsYPJ Oct. 30
Our forces damaged an vehicle last night in an operation targeting the terrorists positioned near Tel Hamis. @DefenseUnitsYPJ Oct. 30

86 gang members killed in Kobanê

YPG (People’s Protection Units) Press Centre has reported in a written statement that attacks by the ISIS gangs to occupy Kobanê continued on the 45th day. A total of 86 gang members were killed in the last 24 hours of violent clashes.The statement pointed out that ISIS gangs were launching large-scale attacks after bringing more reinforcements and heavy weapons from Raqqa, Minbic, Jarablus and Gire Spî (Tal Abyad), and that all the attacks of the gangs were repulsed as they were inflicted major blows.YPG Press Centre stated that on the eastern front, hand-to-hand fighting between YPG forces and ISIS gangs continued along the day and night in the Kaniya Kurda neighbourhood, Municipality Streeet and Azadî Square. Figures as to the casualties couldn’t be made certain yet as clashes in the region are continuing, YPG said, adding that gangs were inflicted a severe blow and 18 members of theirs were ascertained killed in the fighting on the eastern front.On the southern front -the statement said- ISIS gangs launched a major offensive which was harshly responded by YPG forces. A total of 54 members of the gangs were killed in the fighting still going on in this region.

The statement said YPG forces also carried out assaults on the gangs deployed around Kobanê, adding; “1 taxi belonging to the gangs was destroyed, and 4 militants inside killed, in an assault which targeted the gang groups deployed around the village of Helinc to the southeast of Kobanê. 3 other members of the gangs were killed after YPG fighters destroyed a vehicle of theirs near the Izea village on the western front of the town. Another assault by YPG forces targeted 2 vehicles near the village of Minaze, again to the south of Kobanê, leaving at least 7 gang members killed.”

YPG Press Centre added that 16 fighters of the YPG have fallen whilst putting up a brave resistance in the last one day of violent clashes with the gangs.

Clashes getting heavier in Kobanê

Fighting between YPG/YPJ forces and ISIS gangs in Kobanê town of West Kurdistan, Rojava, has got heavier as of Wednesday evening.According to the reports coming through, ISIS gangs have launched a new wave of intensified attacks on the Mürşitpınar border crossing between Kobanê and Pirsus [Suruç] in the evening hours.YPG-YPJ guerrillas are fiercely responding to the rocket, mortar and heavy weaponry attacks of ISIS gangs. Explosions are also being heard from the scene of clashes.YPG sources have reported that a number of ISIS members have been killed in the fighting.

As clashes intensified, an ISIS position near the border gate has been hit by coalition airrcraft late in the evening. Clashes which discontinued for a while after the aerial bombardment restarted later and are still continuing.

Fighting between Protection Units and ISIS gangs has also intensified at the eastern frontline.

In the meantime, peshmerga forces from South Kurdistan haven’t crossed into Kobanê yet. Uncertainity continues as to the time of their entrance into the town under attack by ISIS gangs.

Over 20 ISIS members killed in Sinjar

HPG (People’s Defense Forces) Sinjar Command has released a statement giving information about the intensifying clashes with ISIS gangs around the village of Solak in Sinjar town of South Kurdistan.The statement said HPG guerrillas and YBS (Sinjar Resistance Units) fighters have launched an expansive operation in memory of their comrades fallen fighting in Sinjar. Patriotic circles including tribes, who have no relations with any political groups, are also taking part in the offensive which has been launched in response to the intensified attacks of ISIS gangs in the Solak village region.HPG Sinjar Command stated that an attack was carried out against gangs heading from Solak region to the mountainside Tuesday evening. 7 gang members were killed in the attack which was launched from two directions.According to the statement, 7 members of the gangs were killed and 10 others wounded in another action by Kurdish forces targeting a position and heavy weapon-laden vehicle of the gangs.

HPG said 1 ISIS member was killed in a suicide attack in Solak village Wednesday morning.

The statement remarked that HPG-YBS forces also launched an offensive against the gangs deployed near the Nerka mountain to the east of Solak village this morning. The mountain was entirely cleansed of gangs and taken under control by guerrillas as result of the offensive during which over 10 gang members were killed and many others wounded.

Kurdish forces have also seized large quantities of ammunition belonging to ISIS gangs during the actions and operations of recent days.

HPG Sinjar Command vowed to continue the resistance until Sinjar is liberated and called on everyone to join the ranks of the HPG and YBS in order to complement the fighting and struggle against gangs in Sinjar.

Peshmerga delegation back from Kobanê to Suruç

A delegation of 10 peshmerga fighters who have crossed into Kobanê early Thursday have turned back to Suruç in the evening.Following day-long talks with YPG/YPJ [People’s/Women’s Protection Units] commanders regarding the crossing of their forces and heavy weapons into the town, the delegation has turned back to the Çukobirlik site near the Mürşitpınar border crossing, where 150 peshmerga fighters are still being kept waiting since their arrival yesterday.Turkish military and police forces have in the meantime taken intense measures in the area where the peshmerga units are kept waiting.

Asya Abdullah: There will be coordinated work in Kobanê

PYD Co-President Asya Abdullah, commenting on the peshmerga and FSA forces arriving in Kobanê for the IMC main news bulletin, said: “Up to now the resistance in Kobanê has changed many things for both the YPG/YPJ and the Free Syria Army (FSA). ISIS has suffered significant blows at the hands of the resistance and this new assistance will change the equilibrium further.”  Abdullah added that the peshmerga and FSA groups coming to Kobanê would operate in a coordinated way under the command of the YPG.Answering a question regarding the arrival of peshmerga and FSA forces, the PYD Co-President said they would help to further bolster the resistance against ISIS. She said that the YPG and the FSA had made an alliance previously, and that the Burkan Al Firat forces affiliated to the FSA had been involved in the resistance, adding: “they have also lost fighters in battle”. She said the YPG had assessed a request from the FSA a few days ago, after which the groups had come to Kobanê.Asya Abdullah said the groups would act in a coordinated way, adding: “they will be under the command of the YPG, but the YPG and FSA carry out joint work in Kobanê, therefore work will be coordinated.”

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