Is the USA’s Dept. of Defense illegally protecting israel`s “clandestine nuclear weapons program?”

Is the DoD illegally protecting Israel`s “clandestine nuclear weapons program?” IrMep

“A quarter century ago the Department of Defense clearly documented that Israel had a clandestine nuclear weapons program. Under the Symington and Glenn Amendments to the US Foreign Aid Act, at that very moment the United States was obligated by law to cut off all foreign aid to Israel.Instead, another $82 billion in foreign aid was provided to Israel by unwitting U.S. taxpayers.  The public’s right to know the inside details of such massive ongoing government corruption enabled by ongoing cover-up far outweigh the protections of any NDA, even more so considering the signatories in this case.”  irmep plaintiff response


In 1987 the Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA) a US government think tank produced a research document for the US DoD that appears to have established the existence of Israel’s nuclear weapons program.  Under US law (Symington and Glenn Amendments) official knowledge of this program required a cut-off of all foreign aid to Israel.  That did not happen.

Irmep filed a FOIA request for the document three years ago.  Thus far DoD has not handed over the document.  pl


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