Palestine: The gift of hope, contact the EU

Right now, the European Parliament is debating a resolution that would urge all 28 member states to recognize Palestine. MEPs from different groups are struggling to find agreement, and the vote might fail. A few MEPs, with a strong voice in the negotiations are critical to securing a strong resolution. If enough of us show them that a clear, unconditioned recognition of Palestine is both popular and right, we can end 2014 with a vote that brings hope to the Palestinians.

Use the form on to send a message now!

Here are some tips of what to say. The more personal your message, the better and always remember to be polite:

  • We urge you to support a resolution that calls for clear, urgent recognition of the state of Palestine, as a significant move towards a final agreement on a two state solution.
  • Polls have consistently shown overwhelming public support across Europe for Palestinian statehood. After years of failed US-led peace talks, it’s time for Europe to help lead the way to peace.
  • 800 prominent Israelis said in a recent open letter that “to recognise the State of Palestine will promote the chances of peace and encourage Israelis and Palestinians to resolve the conflict.”

You message will be sent to 4 of the most influential MEPs: Guy Verhofstadt, Chair of the Liberal (ALDE) group; Javier Nart, senior MEP in ALDE; Heinz Becker, senior member of the Conservative (EPP) group; and Syed Kamall, Chair of the right-wing (ECR) group.

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