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Lt. General Fahd Jaassim Al-Furayj, Syrian Minister of Defense and Deputy Commander in Chief of the Syrian Armed Forces, paid a visit to officers and enlisted men in the Damascus area to inspect morale, positions and logistics.  He was very pleased and promised that the SAA would address the needs of the Syrian people and annihilate all terrorism on Syrian land.


Al-Qaarra:  In the Qalamoon on the border with the Lebanon, ISIS began exterminating its enemies by killing 21 FSA rodents.  The victims were members of the Liwaa` Maghaaweer Al-Qusayr (Commandos of Al-Qusayr Brigade, yawn) and their leader, one:

Araba Idrees, a nephew of the now-disgraced defector/traitor, Saleem Idrees.


 Al-Buwaydh:  West of Dayr Khibya, the SAA trapped and killed 7 FSA rodents.




Ruhoom and ‘Unq Al-Hawaa:  An attempted infiltration to the village of Maksir Al-Hissaan by ISIS vermin was blunted by quick action on the part of the SAA.  The ISIS cockroaches were planning to steal food and even children to use as cannon fodder in their demented Jihad.


Between ‘Arshoona and West Salaam:  The SAA went berserk yesterday and killed scores of Nusra, Faylaq Homs, Kataa`ib Al-Faarooq rodents in the towns of Umm Al-Reesh and Al-Mas’oodiyya.  Nusra tried to recoup its losses but was encircled by SAA stalwarts and reduced to a pair of bleating sheep.  23 Nusra rats were killed by the SAA supported by PDC with only 2 rodents surviving:

Arshad ‘Umraan

Muhammad Zayd Basseesu

Khaalid Al-Jadiy

Hussayn ‘Abdul-Majeed

The rest were not identified and are believed to be non-Syrian.


Between Abu-Al-‘Alaayaa and West Salaam: 8 rodents hoisted in their own petard when a land mine they were planting unexpectedly went BOOM!  No names available.


Al-Marwaha:  Near Palmyra at the marble quarries, SAA swooped down on the ISIS rodents and killed a handful. No details.


Al-Rastan:  Nusra took another hit at the Main Square in the city at the hands of security officers.  No details.


Al-Mukharram Mountains:  Reports coming in of huge losses suffered by rats.  It is not clear which group is involved.


Fighting reported here: Umm Sharshooh on the Orontes River, South Abu Salaasil, Al-‘Aamiriyya, Hawsh Hajju, South Al-Mushayrifa, Rajm Al-Qassr, Umm Sahreej, Southf Al-Shindaakhiyya, East Habra, Jubb Al-Jarraah.


بالفيديو..تقدم الجيش في ريف درعا وريف دمشق

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

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