Putin: We urge Israel to stop supporting Syrian terrorists

Putin: We urge Israel to stop supporting Syrian terrorists

4/1/2015, Moscow – the Russian president openly criticized Israeli policies in the occupied West Bank and eastern Jerusalem in the weekly cabinet meeting in Kremlin. Vladimir Putin urged the Israeli officials to take constructive steps in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process which has been stymied for more than a decade due to Israeli procrastination.

“I truly sympathize with the innocent Holocaust victims perished during the World War II but I cannot agree with Israeli oppressions against the Palestinian civilians, conjuring the horrible heinous crimes perpetuated by German Fascists”Russian Izvestia daily newspaper quoted president Putin as saying on Sunday.

The Jewish nation, President Putin added, was established according to lofty and humane principles but nowadays in reality what we are witnessing is that IDF is perpetrating pogroms against the local Palestinian inhabitants in Palestinian territories occupied since 1967.

President Putin also referred to dipterous Syrian crisis, accusing the right-wing Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu of affording hard-line al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists with safe harbor, training facility and medical treatment.

“The Israeli officials’ argument about Islamist terrorists seems insincere in a time when the Israeli field hospitals along border with Syria offer medical treatments for Saudi-backed cutthroats,” added Putin, underlining the urgency to reach a political settlement and to end foreign—baked insurgency.

Meanwhile Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov described Israel’s settlement policy as “wrong” during a major speech on Friday and called on Israel to halt its settlement policy, the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) reported.

According to KUNA, the Russian official said that Israeli settlements represent an obstacle to the normalization of relations with the Palestinians and expressed hope that all parties would return to the negotiating process.

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