Paris’ white widow’ crosses into Syria? Hayat Boumeddiene

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Hayat Boumeddiene, the so called ‘white widow’ crosses into Syria ?
I spent a pile of time reading up on this Hayat person &  the story of her entering Syria…

My conclusion? Not a bit of this narrative is credible. Not one little bit of it!

Let’s start with the images being provided to us by the war mongering  media? 

Look below at the alleged image of Hayat?


I cannot tell what this woman in the pic really looks like! The image is just terrible!

If this is actually Hayat? Who ever Hayat may be? Is the man at her side, the same man involved in the Paris incident?  I can’t tell. It’s simply impossible. The pictures are the worst images imaginable!  Why?

Look at image # 2, below, making the rounds via the war mongering, perception managing media-

Yes, this is supposed to be Hayat! 

Can you identify the individual behind this get up as Hayat?

Can you even identify the burka wearing individual as a woman? I can’t!  

Could this be a man? Hell Ya! And that my friends is exactly as it is supposed to be!  

We are simply supposed to believe what we are told. And that’s it!

 Forget that nonsense! Don’t believe this garbage.

Conclusion?  The images of Hayat,  let me correct myself, the images being presented as representing Hayat don’t represent any one identifiable person! 

If this French citizen, allegedly named Hayat, traveled as we are being told, one would assume she should have a passport and other photo ID that enabled her to get that passport.

So, why are we not getting an image from that passport and the additional forms of ID this alleged French citizen should have? Wouldn’t those images and the accompanying documents be much more useful in being able to accurately identify this woman?

The obvious answer to those questions is YES, of course!  But, since, we aren’t supposed to be able to identify this woman accurately.   We don’t have to be presented with any clear imagery  or ID.  Therefore, we are being mislead..

Perception management imagery tossed to the side- Let’s check out the so called intelligence that allegedly places Hayat in Syria?

Intel sans images inc timelines etc., 

Mevlut Cavusoglu told the Anadolu state-run news agency that Hayat Boumeddiene flew to Turkey from Madrid on Jan. 2, then crossed into Syria on Thursday after a stay at an Istanbul hotel, according to NBC News.

French authorities named Boumeddiene along with Amedy Coulibaly, identified as her boyfriend, as suspects in the fatal shooting of a female police officer Thursday in a Paris suburb.

It had been unclear whether Boumeddiene was present Friday when Coulibaly stormed the kosher market and was later killed in a police raid. A police union spokesman told CNN at the time that Boumeddiene was seen escaping from the shop as some hostages fled.

But Cavosoglu’s intelligence, which he told the state news agency came from phone recordings, suggests Boumeddiene was not in France when the Paris terror attacks took place.

Cavosoglu’s intelligence came from phone recordings

Timeline of Hayat’s movements

  • January 2: Boumeddiene uses passport at Madrid airport to fly to Istanbul, Turkey. According to reports, she was accompanied by Mehdi Sabri Belhoucine, a 23-year-old Frenchman who is on the intelligence services’ watch list   
  • January 2: Turkish intelligence follow the pair from Sabiha Gokcen airport to a hotel in tourist-friendly Kadikoy, on the Asian side of the city, where Boumeddiene buys a mobile phone and a SIM card
  • January 2-4: The pair wander around Istanbul posing as tourists
  • January 4: They take a domestic flight to Sanliurfa, a city near the Syrian border in southeast Turkey, where Isis is known to have an active presence
  • January 8: Boumeddiene crosses into Syria on Thursday, the same day her partner Amedy Coulibaly shoots dead a policewoman and uses Boumeddiene’s car in the attack. Before entering Syria she makes the last of 18 calls from inside Turkey to France.
  • January 10: The last recorded call from her Turkish phone comes from Tel Abyad, an Isis-controlled town next to the Akcakale crossing on Saturday – the day after Coulibaly was killed by police in the Paris supermarket he took hostage

The phone call places Hayat in Syria! – Note the language on the timeline concerning the call from her phone- That’s right the call from ‘her phone’. That does not tell us she made the call!

This intelligence tells us that a call came from a phone, that is alleged to have been purchased by this woman. This does not tell us that Hayat was the caller! Or that Hayat was actually present in Syria when this call was made!

“ Cavosoglu’s intelligence, which he told the state news agency came from phone recordings” His intelligence comes from these recordings and that doesn’t mean a thing!

Wanna make fake phone calls? There is an app for that

There is likely more then one app for that, but, I have linked one below for your perusal 

Fake call

Description- Fake call is a fantastic app which allow you to trick your friends and your family in many ways :

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  • – Add your own conversations ( record a conversation and it will be played during the call )
  • – Choose the right moment ( specific time in future, specific date in future, manual activation )
  • – Choose the type of activation ( Proximity sensor, turn the phone, shake the phone
  • – Choose your ringtone
  • – Insert the call in the call history
  • – Insert the message in the inbox (prior to Android 4.4)
  • – Help screen

Etc, etc, etc…. Give yourself an alibi for a specific moment. Insert the call into call history. Intelligence from a cellphone call? Isn’t worth a thing! Nothing! I laugh at this garbage. And so should you! If I was a bettin’ person? – This woman, if she exists at all, is an intelligence asset. If I had to choose a state? I would go with Israel. Israel has much to gain from scaring the Jewish population in France. 

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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