The horrors caused by the USA & UK’s indiscriminate use of depleted uranium in Iraq, they must be made to pay


The WHO report on the hidden US crimes in Iraq

It is a global scandal that could name the OMSgate. Since November 2012, the WHO (World Health Organization) blocks the release of its report on the devastating effects of bombing with depleted uranium (DU: radioactive waste resulting from the enrichment of uranium for civilian reactors military) on the health of the Iraqi population. Indeed, following the publication of the ranking late 2014 Censored 2015, university program lists the 25 largest global information and censored by the press, it appears that WHO has censored its own report prepared with the assistance of the Ministry Iraqi Health regarding the health survey in Iraq and on the consequences of US and British bombing to the population. This survey was conducted among 10,800 households in 18 districts spread at a rate of 600 households per district. We want to know how Dr. Ala Alwan, who has climbed all levels of WHO since 1992 to end up being appointed Regional Director in 2012, through the ministerial portfolios of Education and Health in Iraq between 2003 and 2005, can justify the omerta stifling the results of the survey in their own country. Obviously, we are not surprised about anything when we know that the WHO funds come in addition to the United Nations Foundation, USAID (United States Agency for International Development) and the British DFID (Department for International Development ).


Les bébés iraquiens victimes de l’uranium appauvri utilisé par les armées US et britannique.D.R.


USAID is subject to the directives of the President of the United States, the Secretary of State and the National Security Council, as the British DFID, it is headed by the Secretary of State for International Development, Justine Greening, and number two is none other than the Minister of State Alan James Carter Duncan, who made his career in the oil industry Royal Dutch Shell and is also a member of the Conservative Way Forward group chaired criminal Margaret Thatcher, while the under Secretary Lynne Featherstone State is Choona the wealthy family owns the Ryness stores, which was rapped on the knuckles for spending £ 22,000 in one month in paper costs for his office at the ministry.

According to many Iraqi doctors, contamination by DU munitions is causing large increases in birth defects, cancers and other diseases in much of Iraq. Dr. Mozhgan Savabieasfahani, a toxicologist at the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan, said that “Iraq is poisoned and such depth investigation of public health should be published and widely disseminated to attract support and international expertise. “According to her, medical experts, environmental toxicologists, epidemiologists, the sanitation staff and environmental experts should be convened urgently to resolve this crisis and save lives.” Already in March 2013, the BBC broadcast a report in which a senior official of the Iraqi Ministry of Health in Baghdad said that “all performed by the Department of Health Studies show with overwhelming facts he will was an increase in birth defects and cancers in Iraq. “In this documentary, “Born under a bad sign,” two other researchers from the Department of Health of Iraq had claimed that “the cancers and birth defects are a major crisis for the next generation of children,” confirming simultaneous increases cancers and birth defects in the three governorates of Nineveh, Anbar and Najaf, and linking this phenomenon munitions used by American and British armies.


Combien de temps l’OMS va-t-elle cacher son rapport sur les crimes américains et britanniques en Irak ? D.R.

Iraqi babies victims of depleted uranium used by the US armed forces and britannique.DR

Many Iraqi doctors are trying to alert the international community for years to get help, relayed by leading figures internationally. In vain. Following the report of blocking, 58 leading experts from the scientific, intellectual, health professionals and human rights defenders wrote in May 2013 in the WHO and the Iraqi Ministry of Health to demand the immediate release of the report. No response has been made to the letter signed by academics from around the world, which included Noam Chomsky, Ken Loach, John Tirman, Dr. Mozhgan Savabieasfahani, and organizations such as Human Rights Now Japan, Health Alliance International, many other eminent persons of scientific and intellectual world. Given this deliberate obstruction, Hans von Sponeck, former Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations and a member of the Tribunal Brussels said: “The US government has done everything to prevent the WHO to investigate in areas of southern Iraq where depleted uranium was used and caused serious health and environmental risks damage “.

US authorities admit to having used 320 tons of DU, figures disputed by the foundation LAKA Amsterdam which estimates the real number closer to 800 tonnes dropped in Iraq during the 1991 war, and 1200 tons during its 2003 invasion. in 1991, the US military has drawn nearly a million shells to the AU in three days on the thousands of refugees and retreating Iraqi soldiers on the road to Basra. Very quickly, some areas of southern Iraq have seen an annual increase of 350% of cases of leukemia, immune deficiencies, cataracts and kidney dysfunction. Official statistics show that before the Iraqi government the outbreak of the first Gulf War in 1991, the rate of cancer cases was 40 100 000. In 1995 it had increased to 800 100 000, and in 2005 it had doubled to at least 1600 individuals in 100 000. The most recent estimates show that the steady pursuit of progress. The world must know that the Iraqis were victims of aggression inflicted by the use of depleted uranium munitions by US and British troops during the war, and that this is genocide,” said the Dr. Jawad al-Ali, an expert oncologist at Basra cancer Treatment Centre. It is estimated that there 300 sites across Iraq are contaminated by radiation from DU munitions. “Before the Gulf War, we had two or three cancer patients a month, now 30-35 people die each month. Our studies indicate that 40-48% of the population will have a cancer within five years. “Knowing WHO the Iraqi population amounted to 33,765,000 inhabitants in 2013, we can estimate that about 15 million people will be diagnosed with cancer in the coming years. In addition, never before such a high rate of neural tube defects (spina bifida) had been found in infants as in Basra and the rate continues to rise. The number of hydrocephalus (water on the brain) in newborns is six times higher in Basra and the United States and some defects are virtually unknown outside the medical textbooks showing the babies born near sites nuclear testing in the Pacific: babies with stumps instead of members, or intestines out of the abdomen, with enormous tumors, bulging eyes or one eye like a Cyclops, or without eyes, members of anencephalic children (absence of a large part of the brain and skull), or with severe respiratory problems, with very aggressive malignant tumors in members that result in amputation. These are just a few examples among many. A pediatric specialist at Fallujah General Hospital, Dr. Samira Alani, conducted an investigation following the proliferation of birth defects that followed the US bombing since 2005. Her research took her to Japan where she met Japanese doctors who study the rate of malformations in infants due to radiation of the US atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The incidence rate of malformations in Hiroshima and Nagasaki currently amounts between 1 and 2%. Dr. Alani noted that cases of congenital malformation amounted to 14.7% of all babies born in Fallujah, that is to say, more than 14 times the rate in the affected areas of Japan. Iraqi doctors believe that birth defects have increased by 2 to 6 times, and 3-12 times more children developed cancer and leukemia since 1991. A report published in The Lancet in 1998 had told the time that nearly 500 children die every day as a result of war and sanctions and that the mortality rate of Iraqi children under 5 years of age was increased from 23 per thousand in 1989 to 166 per thousand in 1993. what -it in 2015, knowing that this trend is growing?

Overall, cases of acute lymphoblastic leukemia more than quadrupled with other cancers that are increasing at an alarming rate. In men, cancers of the lung, bladder, bronchus, skin and stomach showed the largest increase. In women, the highest increases were breast cancer and bladder cancer, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. It should also mention the thousands of fetuses not come to an end. It has observed a dramatic jump of miscarriages and premature births among Iraqi women, especially in areas where strong US military operations have occurred, as in Basra in 1991 and in Fallujah in 2004. In addition, epidemiological study by Chris Busby, a British chemist of international renown, entitled “Cancer, infant mortality and birth sexratio in Fallujah, Iraq 2005-2009” established in a population of 700 households in Fallujah shows that the crisis health is “the highest rate of genetic damage in a population not studied.” In addition to this health disaster that hits the Iraqi people during the two wars against Iraq, the medical infrastructure was completely destroyed when the country possessed the most modern hospitals in the region and practitioners of the highest level. The medical potential, both on drugs than equipment, virtually destroyed during the criminal embargo that lasted thirteen years, can no longer care for the population with summaries means. In addition, thousands of doctors have been killed and many more fled the country to escape death and to bring their families to safety.

The thousands of tons of bombs packed with UA, not to mention napalm, plasma and phosphorus that the Americans and the British were discharged without respite on Iraq, dispersed in the air billions of deadly particles were propagated by the wind across the region, but also in the world. The depleted uranium dust still in the air, soil and groundwater, has spread in cultures, fauna, flora, poisoning the whole environment and is found in food, clothing, building materials, metals, and even in children’s toys. The radioactivity will persist for some 4.5 billion years, continuing to kill millions of Iraqis of all ages for centuries. In addition, individuals genes are damaged forever. This is a crime against humanity that can be classified among the worst atrocities of all time.

To counter any attempt to deny this apocalyptic situation in Iraq, it is interesting to note that some diseases observed in veterans of the Iraq War exposed to depleted uranium dust are similar to those of the Iraqis. Indeed, soldiers who participated in the Gulf War have produced children with anophthalmia (without eyes) and in a group of eight soldiers whose babies were born anophtalmiques seven are known to have been directly exposed to DU . Others have fathered children with stunted arms and other rare abnormalities associated with radioactive radiation. They also appear prone to cancer and leukemia. Another revealing fact, leukemia rates of EU soldiers who served as peacekeepers in the Balkans where DU was also used is also very high. In 1997, citing experiments in which 84% of dogs exposed to inhaled uranium died because of lung cancer, Dr. Asaf Durakovic, a professor of radiology and nuclear medicine at Georgetown University in Washington said: “The Veterans Administration dependent on the US government asked me to lie about the risks of incorporating depleted uranium in the human body. Uranium causes cancer, uranium causes a mutation, and uranium kills. If we continue with the irresponsible contamination of the biosphere and the denial of the fact that human life is threatened by the deadly isotope of uranium, so we do a disservice to ourselves, we do a disservice to the truth , to God and to all the generations that follow. “Following this statement, the US authorities immediately blocked his research.

More than 3.3 million Iraqis, men, women and children, have died as a result of the criminal aggression of the United States and the United Kingdom between 1991 and 2011: 200,000 killed in the first Gulf War, 1 700,000 died as a result of sanctions, and 1.4 million people were massacred in the illegal invasion of 2003. The Brussels Tribunal, an international network devoted mainly to Iraq and of intellectuals, lawyers, artists and activists from around the world, advocating for peace and wants to be a bridge between the intellectual resistance in the Arab World and the Western peace movements. He regularly organizes international meetings where different strategies are studied in order to bring to justice those responsible for the genocide committed by the US and the UK in Iraq.

In light of this tragedy overshadowed by international organizations, we are led to ask ourselves this question: what is the exact role of the WHO? The function of this organization that feeds the planet with its bogus campaigns against polio, leprosy, etc. and lecturing countries she is to hide incriminating report any government? The extermination of the Iraqi people by the use of uranium on a large scale by the American and British armies is it a subject that does not fit in the standards or the WHO Code and the NGO “droits- rightists facades of the Empire that leveled Iraq and many other countries and whose devastating effects continue to hit for centuries? What is an organization that dares to hide a report involving the monsters who run Washington and London and hide heinous crimes committed against Iraqi families, nature and animals? How can a scientist condone such monstrosities? The doctors who make up the WHO all betrayed their oath of Hippocrates and demonstrate that they are only lackeys and cowards running behind the privileges covering the interests of US imperialism and its military arm Israel does offer humanity but death and desolation. Fortunately there was many scientists who keep their integrity intact, otherwise what would become of humanity if all sold their souls as did the WHO scientists? Anyway, WHO publishes its report or not, it hides under the table or under the carpet, the truth will catch up with everyone, and we, through our contacts and sources we know the details of this damning report that reveals the monstrous face of these wars against the battered Iraqi people and against those mothers who give birth to deformed babies. WHO officials may have sold their soul to the devil for some money, but there will always be voices that will reveal all that is hidden and we will always be there to track down the unspoken and lies, especially when the lives of over one million Iraqi babies is involved. The American-Zionists who have declared war not only to the Iraqi people but to all mankind always find us through their journey.


How long WHO she will hide its report on the US and UK crimes in Iraq? D.R.

Band cowards! Minions! Criminals! By concealing your report, you are complicit in the suffering of these children! No words can reflect the martyrdom of these babies and their moms, and the one who is not shaken by the pictures showing these mutilated children is not human. If the offspring of the murderers and their accomplices valets are spoiled rotten and well protected, Iraqi babies, Afghanistan, Syria, Gaza, Yugoslav, and so many other children around the world born deformed, diseased, dying suffering in their flesh torn, because of the crap that Empire masters dumped on countries to fatten their bellies butchers. Heads must fall, we must judge those who mutilated and massacred innocence. Today in Iraq, the mothers do not ask if they are likely to have a boy or a girl, but if the child comes out of their belly is normal! Those who committed these crimes against the Iraqi people they are human beings? Can you live normally after committing these crimes? It seems so, since George W Bush has found a soul of “artist” and describes with equal pride in its blackness his “works” pictorial insipid representing its lapdogs and other poodles. Instead of portraying Putin can only laugh at the result, we advise person who claims to emulate Rembrandt realize an exhibition entitled “Portraits of mass murderers” in which would include its various self-portraits and the representation of its favorite poodle, Tony Blair, his partner in the Iraq massacre fled to the Middle East as a consultant to avoid being brought to justice and made a fortune through his company “Tony Blair Associates” and giving lectures. Lectures on what, Mr Blair? On how best to massacre the people?

If Bush murderers father and son (it’s a family tradition!), Blair and others, enjoy impunity because they have corrupted the institutions with billions of dollars, then it must dissolve these fel institutions. We are not the only ones asking the judgment for crimes against mankind, against the environment, against all animal species, against life itself!, Bush father and son, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Tony Blair, Binyamin Netanyahu, Paul Wolfowitz, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Madeleine Albright, John McCain and the neocons all officials of the Iraqi disaster and all the devastation that followed in Syria and elsewhere. Whether it is the activists, friends in governments and states of the resistance to the Empire, the real activists who resist despite the draconian laws and practiced hard against all those who fight, we will resist and we will triumph in translating these scavengers to justice. Our friends from Brussels court doing excellent work in this direction, as well as those of the Russell tribunal, and many other organizations have formed collectives around the world to drag the genocide to justice. We have seen how Blair fled the UK on the same day he resigned to the British government for fear of being judged and how George W Bush canceled a trip to Switzerland because our friends were waiting for it firm footing with a warrant. These people are giants with feet of clay, if not a nothing in the history of mankind. It is only a matter of time, sooner or later they will pay for their heinous crimes because the system of Zionist neocons is a house of cards will collapse by itself. As for the French who constantly whine and play exclusive martyrs by giving lessons of “democracy” to the entire planet, they do not forget their uranium offered by their servants in Niger was used to destroy the human race .

A damning report the activities of criminals against humanity is censored without any self-appointed champions of “democracy”, these “beautiful souls” of the salons of Paris, Washington, London or Tel Aviv, and their execrable media enslaved media excrement just dangle dirt, dare open the beak? We will bring information about them wherever they come from the heart of their palaces, their bedrooms, whatever the means used to hide their misdeeds. The uselessness of organizations such as the WHO and the UN are once again clearly demonstrated, these puppet organizations must disappear immediately. They do not do the work for which taxpayers pay them, they disappear forever. As for the WHO Sganarelles, researchers sponsored by major pharmaceutical companies related to imperialism, they will be brought before a court where the moral attorney will have no difficulty in demonstrating that they have closed their eyes to the appalling consequences a genocide in order to protect their masters.

To you, the leaders of this butchery and accomplices, look at the pictures of these children, they reflect your actions and silence. The innocence distorted, mutilated, sacrificed, is a reflection of your filthy soul. As for us, the resistance to the Empire and Zionism, we are confident that the field of ruins that have become the country you have ridden for the interests of the 1%, will spring the light that will take you in the darkness that you have vomited.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen

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