France Is Jewish Land

France Is Jewish Land

As a candidate for the presidency of France (which he attained in 2012), during his obligatory ritual appearance in 2011 before CRIF (France’s AIPAC), Nicolas Sarkozy gave his masters his understanding of French history.

The origin of the great French nation, he said, is not only indissolubly linked to the Jewish community, but the French land was Jewish before France was “France” and before it was christianized.

[Was Vercingétorix a Jew ? French national education and Fernand Nathan — the author of most of the pre-school and schoolbook texts in France — ought to research this important information. If he was not a Jew, he may have been an anti-semite. ]

Judaism was present in France, Sarkozy — the historian and philosopher of culture who wished to rise to the top position in the French government — informed his receptive audience, before France was “France” and before it was Christianized — it is a 2,000-years old presence.  There were synagogues there during the Roman empire before there were churches and they were as elaborate as the later [there!] Baroque churches.

That suggests that France belongs to Jews by virtue of the Right of the First Comer/Occupier (Jus primi, or Recht des Ersten). Despite this rightful ownership by the Jewish minority, he went on, all along French history the Jews were invidiously and cruelly persecuted by the late-comers and this continued even after the French Revolution and the creation of the republic, as the Dreyfus case showed.

France is the France of Proust, Sarkozy added,  and of many other Jews (reciting several other Jewish names), and of all the tremendous contributions made by Jews, which all the French get to inherit and enjoy (ungrateful curs that they are).

Thus, the French Jews contribute to the culture and growth of the country which is theirs: the Jewish community in France is the largest Jewish community in Europe.  Any single attack on Jews or their faith must be considered an attack on France. An act of vandalism against a Jewish cemetery or synagogue is equivalent to the “Crystal Night” because it pressages the same horrors that followed that signal event.

So, he said all this in 2011 in the hallowed halls of CRIF and it did not have much of an echo in France at the time. It is important, however, to look back on it and see that while France was slumbering, Sarkozy passed the Fabius-Gayssot law that gagged the “other French” under severe penalties (fines and prison) to prevent them from questioning any of the “first comers’” impositions and fiats. It is also instructive to remember that after him, Manuel Valls stated loudly and clearly that if only 100,000 of Jews (of France’s 600,000) left, France would no longer be France and the republic would fail.

This serves to explain the slogan chanted on the Day of Ire by the demonstrators opposing to the highjacking of French politics, economy, culture and education by the Jewish power: “Juif, la France n’est pas a toi!”(Jew, France is not yours!)

But if France does not belong to the Jews, to whom does it belong? Much of what the “late-comers” contributed to French culture may have to be scrapped or at least severely edited by the Jewish guardians for its anti-semitism. Indeed, from Voltaire, who called the Jews “abominable” in his Dictionary of Philosophy and on to his “inheritors” (notably Balzac, also du Maurier, George Sand), many if not most French writers, we are told, are profoundly anti-semitic.How about that old anti-semite, Moliere? Isn’t Tartuffe, his best known character, a stereotypical Jew:

Tartuffe is called “The Impostor” or “The Hypocrite.” He is a superb scoundrel who can don any pose and become a master of it. As a religious ascetic, he convinces Orgon and Madame Pernelle that he is a devoutly pious and humble man; his obvious hypocrisy, however, is apparent to the reader and to the audience.

Tartuffe’s superiority lies in the fact that he can accurately analyze the weaknesses of his victims and then exploit these flaws for his own advantage. He is no simple or ignorant charlatan; instead, he is an alert and adept hypocrite who uses every means to bring about his success.

His eventual downfall is caused by his lust. Instead of making Tartuffe into an inhuman monster, Molière shows how lust causes the clever hypocrite to lower his mask and reveal his hypocrisy.

“We were here first,” and “You are all hardened anti-semites” so far trumps the pretensions of the French of being the real French (de souche). But the revolt is still young.

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