israel’s war on Christianity

When Theology Is So Pro-Israel That It Becomes Anti-Christian

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Christian culture sure does love talking about persecution, but there is one group of persecuted Christians that Evangelicalism doesn’t want you to know about: the persecuted Christians of Palestine. Dispensational theology that leads to the errant and blindly pro-Israel position (here’s why that’s unbiblical) has sadly led most of Evangelicalism to become so pro-Israel that it has become anti-Christian. While today they celebrate the re-election of a war hawk who has no interest in peace, justice, or law, today we grieve what undoubtedly means that the ongoing persecution of Christians at the hands of Israeli apartheid will now continue indefinitely.

When we say “Israel” or “Palestinian” one often thinks of Jew vs. Muslim. However, Palestinians include both Christians and Muslims, though Christians are the minority.  Like those who suffered under apartheid in South Africa, Christians and Muslims in Palestine both suffer under Israeli apartheid which strips them of their human rights, their dignity, their freedom of movement, their homes, and sometimes their lives.

Whereas in the West we often hear the phrase “Country _____ wants to wipe Israel off the map” the reality is that this is precisely what Israel is doing to Christians and Muslims in Palestine- wiping them off the map through confiscating their land, destroying their crops, looting and bulldozing their homes, shooting their children for sport (disturbing footage, here) and forcing them to emigrate elsewhere.

Christians in Palestine say they face an uphill battle to have their stories heard, as western media likes to portray their persecution as being at the hands of Muslims, but that’s not the case they say.

A few years ago Father Faysal Hijazeen, a priest in Palestine, wrote for the Jerusalem Post:

“These spokespeople have wrongly propagated a cynical discourse misleadingly touting “Christian persecution by Muslims.” Every Friday, we celebrate the holy mass attended by hundreds of Palestinian Christians from Bethlehem, Ramallah and Jerusalem in the Cremisan Area of Beit Jala. The holy service, celebrated among ancient olive trees, was not a prayer to end a “Muslim-led persecution” but to prevent Israel from confiscating this area of land that belongs to 58 Palestinian Christian families – Israel’s latest attempt to consolidate its ring of settlements that aim to sever Bethlehem from Jerusalem. This is one last attempt to prevent a land confiscation that would have catastrophic consequences for the local Christian population.”

Archbishop Sebastia Theodosios had a fantastic interview recently (the entire interview can be found here) where he said:

“The Palestinian issue is a problem that concerns all of us, Christians and Muslims alike. It’s a problem of every free intellectual individual aspiring for justice and freedom in this world.

We the Palestinian Christians suffer along with the rest of Palestinians from occupation and hardships of our economic situation. Muslims and Christians suffer equally, as there is no difference in suffering for any of us. We are all living in the same complicated circumstances, and overcoming the same difficulties.

As a church and as individuals we protect this people, and we hope a day will come when Palestinians get their freedom and dignity.”

In the interview, Archbishop Theodisios goes on to lament the oppression Christians suffer under the Israeli occupation, such as the destruction of Christian towns to drive the Christians out, Christian churches being attacked, Church property being looted/confiscated, and Christians being thrown into Israeli jails. He again summarizes their plight by saying:

“Christians suffer under the Israeli occupation just the same as Muslims – the entire Palestinian population suffers under it. They don’t distinguish between us.”

Other anti-Christian persecution at the hands of Israelis come by way of “price-tag” attacks. Price tag attacks were started in 2011 by Israeli settlers because the illegal expansions and land-grabs weren’t moving fast enough. These settlers began a movement to make Christians and Muslims suffer the “price” for expansion setbacks, with the hopes of terrorizing the Christians and Muslims into leaving. These attacks have included fire-bombing a monastery of nuns and spray painting “death to Gentiles on the walls,” or then there’s the Church of the Dormition which has been vandalized in price tag attacks– painted with such things as, “Jesus is a son of a bitch, price tag.” We also see arson used to terrorize, much like they used it in the American South, with one church having the door set on fire with the term “Jesus is a Money” painted on it.

Oh- and somewhere around 4.5 million Palestinians can’t vote- let’s not forget that.

Here’s the bottom line: Christians and Muslims are suffering and being oppressed under Israeli apartheid, and we should find this greatly distressing. 

If we were to take this scenario and have it take place in any country other than Israel, we’d see it completely differently. Were there a government systematically and illegally confiscating people’s homes, destroying Christian villages, making them refugees and then treating them like they’re illegal immigrants, tolerating a culture that persecutes and terrorizes Christians in an attempt to get them to flee their homeland– if that were happening anywhere other than Israel we’d not only be outraged, we’d be calling for ground troops and to have their leaders arrested. Apartheid was wrong in South Africa, but apparently it’s good in Israel.

Instead of being outraged, instead of demanding peace and justice, America sends Israel millions of dollars a day to finance their illegal oppression of Christians and Muslims- and not only do we support their actions, but much of the Christian community will quickly jump all over you if you so much as question it. Being a good Christian in too many parts means pledging allegiance to the United States of America and to Israel too.

Why? How did we get in this mess? Why are we tolerating an oppressive regime that we wouldn’t tolerate in any other part of the world?

Bad theology, that’s why. And that’s what makes this so tragic, but wonderfully illustrates the point that theology matters in the real world.

Dispensational theology took the world by storm in the late 1800′s, and the view that “Israel is God’s chosen nation” and the idea that anyone who doesn’t “bless Israel” will be cursed by God is core to that belief system. Dispensationalism overtook much of American Christianity and eventually bled into or government and foreign policy. Then, it somehow got taught to our grandparents, who taught it to our parents, who taught it to us.

And no one questions it.

Since so many accept it as true without researching it, without questioning it, without wrestling with it, we become blind to oppression around us. Left unchecked, pro-Israel theology can get so extreme that it actually becomes anti-Christian, because it quietly lulls one to support very real anti-Christian persecution at the hands of the Israeli government, without so much as even caring.

Here’s a good test: if your theology leads you to support and defend oppression and persecution instead of loving people, it’s bad theology.

My prayer is that American Christians will wake up to these tragic unintended consequences of this unquestioned, generational theology which is so pro-Israel that it actually becomes anti-Christian.

We need peace in the middle east. Peace for Israel. Freedom and restoration for Palestine. But we won’t have any of it until we start questioning the horrible dispensational/fundamentalist theology that’s causing us to support terror against our own Christian brothers and sisters.

Further reading: here’s a more in-depth breakdown of this area of theology and why it’s theologically flawed.

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Saudi Will Collapse If It Launches Ground Invasion in Yemen

Mohamed Salami

Saudi-YemenPresenting a new proof that the Saudi regime is a mere obedient follower of the US and Israeli masters, Riyadh has led an air aggression on Yemen in order to secure their interests in Bab El-Mandeb strait, the political analyst, Salem Zahran, told Al-Manar Website.

Under the false pretexts of seeking to reinstall the fugitive Yemeni president Abdrabbu Mansour Hadi and restoring the authority’s powers across its neighboring country, the Saudi-led coalition started its campaign, which targeted the civilians, the residential areas, the public institutions, and the army’s posts, only after the military and the public committees reached Aden which overlooks the strait, after they had controlled most of the cities, including the capital.

“38% of the international navigation crosses through Bab El Mandeb which represents Israel’s basic economic lifeline,” Zahran noted, “The Americans and the Israelis deploy on the west bank of the strait, in Eritrea and Djibouti, where the largest US military base and the Mossad bureaus exist.”

The analyst revealed that the Wahabbi regime in Saudi Arabia has planned to end its conflict with the Muslim Brotherhood movement, especially after it regained control over Egypt by dethroning Mohammad Mursi and installing Abdul Fatah al-Sisi, in order to form a coalition which includes the Gulf countries, Egypt and Turkey to face what it describes as the Iranian influence in the whole region, including Yemen.

Salam Zahran considered that internal Saudi factors may have played only a secondary role in taking the decision of launching an aggression on Yemen, stressing that the royal family in KSA has always imposed its hereditary rule on the country without paying any least attention to the public demands and desires.

ZahraSalem Zahrann pointed out that the US-led airstrikes on Syria and Iraq, the Egyptian air raids on Libya and the ongoing air aggression on Yemen inserted the whole region in a new era of surpassing Sykes-Picot borders.

He also stressed that the military power will delineate the new borders of the countries in the region.

Zahran asserted that Saudi Arabia will collapse if it launches a ground incursion in Yemen, mentioning that airstrikes will not last long as their goals will run out.

He further said that the coalition’s campaign aims at deploying Arab and international peace-keeping troops in Aden and at Bab el Mandeb strait to secure US-Israeli interests there.

“The response to the Saudi-led aggression will be carried out by the patriotic Yemenis who can identify the conditions of their movement,” the political analyst concluded.

A coalition of 10 countries, led by the Saudi Arabia, launched late Wednesday a wide military offensive on Yemen, killing dozens of civilians, wounding scores of others and causing so much destruction.

Media outlets reported that Saudi Arabia has deployed “100 fighter jets, 150,000 soldiers and other navy units” for the military campaign against Yemen. It also sent 5000 takfiri terrorists to fight against the Yemeni army.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is known for training and funding takfiri groups and sending them to the conflict-hit zones in the Arab and Muslim world, including Syria, Afghanistan and now in Yemen.

Source: Al-Manar Website

31-03-2015 – 15:48 Last updated 31-03-2015 – 15:56

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USA Government trying to silence growing dissent against israel

Silencing Dissent

Silencing Dissent: How Biased Civil Rights Policies Stifle Dialogue on Israel

Protestors hold a sign that says, "Join the human rights and free speech consensus" and cover their mouths.

Outrage over Israeli policies toward Palestinians has continued to swell the movement for boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS). In response, critics of BDS are spreading rhetoric that is corroding support for civil liberties, civil rights, and free expression of ideas in the United States.

Controversies over U.S. policies in the Middle East are not new, but the current stance of some institutions claiming to speak for the U.S. Jewish community, combined with biased federal policies targeting anti-Semitism on U.S. college campuses, raises the specter of not just blacklists and political witch hunts but de facto government censorship.

During the presidency of George W. Bush, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (USCCR) and the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights created headlines with policies that provide federal civil rights protection against harassment or discrimination targeting Jewish college students. Meanwhile Muslims, Sikhs, and students from other faith traditions did not receive the same level of attention. Under the Obama administration neither the commission nor the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights has rectified this situation; and the gridlocked Congress has failed to hold hearings or pass legislation that would clarify and correct biased federal policies and actions. Meanwhile, pressure to silence criticism of Israeli policies toward Palestinians continues to grow, spurred on by growing public opposition to the Israeli military attacks in Gaza.

A recent incident casts a spotlight on the smoldering tensions that highlight the need to protect free speech: In June a gig by the musical group the Shondes was cancelled by the Washington Jewish Music Festival because they refused to sign what amounted to a loyalty oath swearing they had never supported the BDS movement. Two founding members of The Shondes, singer Louisa Rachel Solomon and violinist Elijah Oberman, in a public letter “in light of this blacklisting debacle,” responded:

Sooner or later they will realize that increasing numbers of Jews oppose Israel’s actions in our names, and many of those who don’t endorse BDS unequivocally support open conversation of it…. What an irony that institutions whose missions focus on protecting Judaism’s future are writing themselves out of it.

Solomon and Oberman have described Judaism, activism, and music as “inseparable, essential parts of our lives” and have been opposing militarism and discrimination for years. In the wake of 9/11, they wrote: “We saw Arab, Muslim, and South Asian friends demonized and attacked…. We protested, organized, and tried to figure out what solidarity was.”

Civil rights, civil liberties, free speech, and academic freedom should not be adversaries. When they are in conflict, the ultimate victim is the free exchange of ideas that nurtures democracy itself.

Rights in Conflict

Since the 9/11 terror attacks, the silencing of dissent inside and outside the Jewish community has steadily increased. The issue of possible government censorship on campus was first raised in a public joint letter by Kenneth Stern, an expert on anti-Semitism with the American Jewish Committee, and Cary Nelson, president of the American Association of University Professors. Stern and Nelson warned that the civil rights policies of the federal government could lead to censorship and the suppression of free speech on campus. Under pressure from right-wing ideologues, the American Jewish Committee retracted Stern’s signature and repudiated the letter. Stern and Nelson feared the potential outcome of biased and misguided federal policies aimed at campus clashes over Middle East policies, especially involving the BDS movement.

How did these biased policies evolve? During his presidency, George W. Bush appointed numerous right-wing ideologues to federal agencies in an attempt to sidestep congressional oversight of policies and implement so-called color-blind policies while gutting affirmative action programs. The Justice Department, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, and the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights were special targets for right-wing ideological cleansing. Under Bush, these federal agencies shifted their attention from Islamophobia and focused on the issue of anti-Semitic incidents on U.S. college campuses. This happened despite the education office’s stated goal of protecting “all religious minorities—not just Jews but also Sikhs, Muslims, and others—from discrimination at federally funded secular institutions of higher learning.”

Saudi and other rogue Arab states were enlisted as US proxies to mass murder Yemenis

Who Benefits from the Mass Murdering of Innocent People in Yemen?

People carry the body of a child they uncovered from under the rubble of houses destroyed by Saudi airstrikes near Sanaa Airport, Yemen, Thursday, March 26, 2015.

People carry the body of a child they uncovered from under the rubble of houses destroyed by Saudi airstrikes near Sanaa Airport, Yemen, Thursday, March 26, 2015.

Yemen is Obama’s war. It was planned months ago. Military campaigns require extensive preparation. They’re not launched overnight as headlines suggest.

Saudi and other rogue Arab states were enlisted as US proxies to mass murder Yemenis.


Obama usurped diktat authority for wars without end. He’s waging multiple direct and proxy ones – endless ones for power and profit.

Yemen is his latest naked aggression. Conflict could continue long term. Over the weekend, airstrikes intensified.


Countless thousands may die. Perhaps another refugee crisis looms.

Yemen is the latest Middle East country mired in conflict, violence, instability and human misery – a direct result of US imperial policy.


Civilians are being deliberately targeted. Human Rights Watch headlined “Saudi-Led Airstrikes Take Civilian Toll.”

Dozens perhaps were killed on day one of bombing alone – maybe hundreds by now heading for thousands.


On Thursday, Amnesty International (AI) reported “(s)ix children (under age 10) among dozens killed in Saudi-led airstrikes.”

Fourteen houses near Sanaa’s international airport were “turned…to rubble.”


AI’s Middle East and North Africa Programme director Said Boumedouha “(t)his high toll of civilian deaths and injuries” shows contempt for international humanitarian law.

An ongoing bloodbath continues. US direct and proxy wars show no mercy.


On Saturday, Arab League leaders met in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.


They endorsed naked aggression on Yemen. Ousted US-installed puppet Yemeni leader Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi called for continued terror-bombing.


“I call for for the continuation of Operation Decisive Storm until this gang (the Houthis) announces its surrender, exits all occupied territories in the provinces, leaves state institutions and military camp,” he said.


Naked aggression “will continue until all the goals are achieved,” he added. Saudis said they’ll do “whatever it takes” to restore US-installed puppet rule. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon ignored mass murdering civilians.


He issued a pathetic statement urging Arab leaders to “lay down clear guidelines to peacefully resolve the crisis in Yemen.”

Ban supports all US imperial wars. He disgraces the office he holds. He has no legitimacy whatever. He’s a convenient US-installed stooge.


Obama ignored his full responsibility for naked aggression saying Washington shares a “collective goal” with its regional allies for stability in Yemen. The Wall Street Journal said Washington intends expanding aid to Saudi-led airstrikes. It’s providing intelligence, logistical help, munitions, aerial refueling and other services.


Washington “is deepening its support for the fight by providing military planners with vital intelligence from surveillance flights to help choose targets for the airstrikes in Yemen,” the Journal cited US officials saying.

“American military planners are using live intelligence feeds from surveillance flights over Yemen to help Saudi Arabia decide what and where to bomb.”


The Pentagon is “beefing up its role in a new military coordination center set up with the Saudis and other countries in the region taking part in the evolving operation.”


“The center has become the focal point for military planning and a handful of Americans are currently taking part, officials said. That number is expected to grow.”


Yemeni aggression is the latest example of America’s dark side. US direct and proxy wars rage for unchallenged global dominance – no matter how many millions of lives they cost.


No matter how many countries are turned to rubble. No matter how much human suffering is inflicted. The American way is permanent wars of aggression against one country after another. Yemen may end up a protracted bloodbath – potentially another Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya or Syria.


Vladimir Putin sent a message to Arab League leaders meeting in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. He urged prompt resolution of conflicts in Syria, Libya and Yemen “based on the principles of international law, through extensive dialogue and search for nationwide harmony.”


Yemeni army commander Col. Abdel Sattar al-Boushali said Saudi Arabia sent over 5,000 Takfiri Terrorists “to fight the Yemeni army and revolutionary committees.”

He said Saudi’s defense minister asked Turkey to help deploy more terrorists from its airports to Riyadh.


Houthi Ansarullah Executive Committee member Abdel Mon’em said:


“As the Ansarullah movement has promised collapse of some Arab regimes supporting the terrorists, if Saudi Arabia continues its aggressions against the oppressed Yemeni people the Ansarullah fighters will pave the way for the Saudi regime’s destruction by conducting martyrdom-seeking (suicidal) operations inside Saudi Arabia in the coming hours.”


He said Israel is involved in fighting. Saudis take orders from Washington, he stressed.

It bears repeating. Yemen is Obama’s war – lawless naked aggression by any standard.

Apartheid in action, Palestinians in Israel, 20% of the population, receive 5% of new housing units

Palestinians in Israel, 20% of the population, receive 5% of new housing units

Palestinian citizens of Israel face systematic discrimination in housing policy, according to new figures from legal advocacy organisation Adalah released in a new study to mark ‘Land Day’.

According to the Haifa-based group, just 4.6% of Israel’s housing tenders are published in Arab towns and villages, even though Palestinian citizens constitute 20% of the population.

The study is based on official statistics from Israel’s Land Authority for marketed tenders for land and housing units in 2014.

In 2014, the ILD published tenders for the construction of 38,261 housing units (not including so-called ‘mixed cities’, where only a small minority of the Palestinian population lives) – out of which only 1,844 units were published in Arab communities.

Moreover, the Israeli authorities published tenders for the construction of 36 industrial zones in Jewish communities during the year (including five in illegal settlements) – while no tenders for industrial zones were published for Arab communities.

This means that over a five year period, from 2009-2014, the ILA published 328 tenders for industrial and commercial zones in Israeli Jewish communities, but only 13 in Palestinian communities.

The discrimination faced by Palestinian citizens of Israel is particularly striking when compared to the situation in illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

In 2014, the ILA published tenders for 3,163 housing units in Jewish settlements, compared to 1,844 units in Palestinian communities in Israel – even though the population of the latter is double that of the former.

Adalah also pointed to the ILA’s sale in 2014 of 77 properties belonging to Palestinian refugees as further evidence of the state’s “racist and discriminatory policies.”

“Christian Zionists” take note, israel is just as much anti-Christian as it is anti-Islam

Israeli soldiers raid Palm Sunday celebration in Beit Jala

Palm Sunday celebrations in Beit Jala were brought to an abrupt end, on Sunday, when Israeli troops raided the majority-Christian town near Bethlehem and began threatening locals.


Palestinian policemen on duty near the celebrations were threatened by Israeli soldiers with arrest during the raid, which took place in the middle of the day as Sunday mass was coming to an end in local churches, Ma’an News Agency reports.

The town of Beit Jala is subject to regular incursions by Israeli forces, even though the large majority of its population live in Areas A, subject to full Palestinian civil and military control under the Oslo Accords.

Palm Sunday is celebrated this year on March 29 according to the Gregorian calendar, which is recognized for religious purposes by most Western Christian denominations in Palestine. Orthodox Christians, meanwhile, use the Julian calendar and will be celebrating Palm Sunday on April 5.

The raid raises fears of a repeat of last Easter, when Israeli restrictions on Christian worship during the holiday prevented thousands of Christian Palestinians from traveling to Jerusalem and led to chaotic scenes in the city itself.

Israeli authorities have in the past come under sharp criticism for the violation of religious freedom of Palestinian Christians, who number around 200,000, including 50,000 in the West Bank, 1,000 in Gaza, and the rest inside Israel.

In March of last year, Christians from East Jerusalem issued a statement complaining that Christians are often denied access to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher during the Easter holidays.

Each Easter, checkpoints are erected “at the Gates and in the alley, thus preventing the worshipers from free access to the Via Dolorosa, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and the vicinity of the Christian Quarter.”

A report published by the US State Department in 2012 made similar observations, stating: “Strict closures and curfews imposed by the Israeli government negatively affected residents’ ability to practice their religion at holy sites, including the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, as well as the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.”

It added: “The separation barrier significantly impeded Bethlehem-area Christians from reaching the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and made visits to Christian sites in Bethany (al-Eizariya) and Bethlehem difficult for Palestinian Christians who live on the Jerusalem side of the barrier.”

Following Easter celebrations in Jerusalem in 2013, Hanna Amireh, head of the Presidential Committee on Church Affairs, said, “The Israeli forces turned a religious occasion into a battle camp scenario.”

Britain is run by the same kinds of lunatics infesting America

Britain Prepares for Nonexistent Russian Attack

by Stephen Lendman

Britain is run by the same kinds of lunatics infesting America. Prime Minister David Cameron and other UK officials hype nonexistent “Russian aggression.”
Last summer, Cameron said NATO must show Russia it “means business.” It won’t be “intimidated.”
Member states must “strengthen (their) ability to respond quickly to any threat, to reassure those Allies who fear for their own country’s security and to deter any Russian aggression.”
In mid-March, UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond ludicrously called Russia potentially Britain’s greatest threat.
“We are now faced with a Russian leader bent not on joining the international rules-based system which keeps the peace between nations, but on subverting it,” he ranted.
“We are in familiar territory for anyone over the age of about 50, with Russia’s aggressive behavior a stark reminder it has the potential to pose the single greatest threat to our security.”
Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) just held its largest air combat exercises in decades – preparing for nonexistent “Russian (or other) attacks.”
Twenty Typhoon fighter warplanes and Tornado bombers participated in “a day-long war game in the skies above northeast  England” – on the pretext of alleged “frequent appearances of Russian military aircraft in UK airspace.”
Nothing of the sort happened. British authorities fabricated the story – part of an on-going anti-Russian fear-mongering campaign matching what goes on elsewhere in Europe and America.
Russia’s Defense Ministry said its aircraft strictly observe international regulations. They don’t violate other nations’ airspace. Claims otherwise are Big Lies.
So far no confrontations occurred in international airspace. Given Washington’s rage for war and Britain’s willingness to march in lockstep, it may just be a matter of time before a clash occurs.
All bets are off if it happens. Attacking Russian aircraft in international airspace could lead to something much more serious.
Lunatics in Washington and London risk the unthinkable. Preparing to confront Russia militarily could cross a rubicon of no return.
UK military sources called Operation Rising Panther the first of six annual so-called air defense operations – intended to “show Vladimir Putin in no uncertain terms” Britain is ready for “Russian aggression” if launched.
It was conducted ahead of the next scheduled Strategic Defense Review (SDR) – an exercise in saber rattling and then some.
According to wing commander Andy  Coe, “(d)ue our continuing commitment to operations overseas, this is the first time we have had the full spectrum of our capability operating together at the same time in a realistic, opposed, environment.”
Conducting Rising Panther was a provocative show of force aimed at Russia.
One RAF source said Moscow “painted the background to these exercises, though they were needed in any event.”
“I think there’s a view forward to the next SDR and the need to remind the powers that be about the prominence of air defense.”
“The feeling is that, just because we haven’t had a large headline concerning Russian nuclear bombers recently doesn’t mean air defence isn’t important, and look at how seriously we’re taking it.”
According to RUSI think tank defense analyst Justin Bronk:
“Given the tensions with Russia and Vladimir Putin’s well-known predilections for using nuclear bombers and other military aircraft to probe UK airspace, air defence really is assuming an importance that it has not since the days of the Cold War.”
In a Friday interview with the Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said Western countries want “to weaken Russia and create a puppet state.”
He called what’s happening in Syria similar to Ukrainian crisis conditions. “Both countries are important for Russia,” he said.
Washington wants pro-Western stooges running them. In a separate interview with Tass, Izvestia, Sputnik News, RT International and other Russian media, he called Western countries “colonialist by nature.”
They don’t “accept partners. If they don’t like a certain state, they try to change it, or replace its president.”
“When they use this reasoning, they do not see the people. As far as they’re concerned, there is no people.”
“They don’t like the president, so they replace him. But when they made these statements, they based them on wrong assumptions.”
This way of thinking might have suited the past, but is not fit for this age. Today, people do not accept for their future or destiny or rulers to be decided by the outside world.”
“The same thing is happening now in Ukraine. And this is what they aim for in Russia.” 
“They don’t like President Putin, so they demonize him. The same applies everywhere.”
America especially “only wants satellite states. (It) does not even accept partners in the West.”
“It wants Europe to follow the United States. They didn’t accept Russia, although it was a superpower.”
“They didn’t accept it as a partner. Russian officials talk all the time about partnership with the West, and talk positively about the West.”
“In return, the West does not accept Russia as a great power and as a partner on a global level.”
“So, how could they accept a smaller state like Syria which could say no to them?”
Syria demanded its sovereign rights. So did other regional countries. US wars followed – ripping up the fabric of nations across the region.
Assad blasted US officials. “(T)he world has become used to (them) saying something today, and saying the opposite the next day. We see this happening all the time.”
Assad expects Washington to continue targeting all independent government for regime change.
US policymakers won’t stop, he said. They “want to dominate and control other countries.”
“If not through war, then through the economy, and if not through the economy, then through creating problems and blackmail.”
Imperial powers operate this way. None match America’s ruthlessness – its hugely destructive world conquest ambition.
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