IOF Razes Palestinian Homes in Jordan Valley and Abbas Says Talks with ’Israel’ Still on Table

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The Zionist occupation forces accompanied by bulldozers stormed on Wednesday a Palestinian neighborhood in the occupied Jordan Valley region where they demolished a number of makeshift structures, which, they claimed, had been built without licenses.

“Israeli forces demolished three makeshift homes and barns in the Ein Karzyielia area of the Jordan Valley region, one home in the area was demolished for the fourth time,” eyewitnesses said.

Ein Karzyielia falls within “Area C,” which covers nearly two thirds of the West Bank and remains under full Israeli civil and security control as stipulated by the Oslo II Accord, which was signed in 1995 between the Zionist entity and the Palestinian Authority.

The occupation authorities prohibit construction of cement and/or iron structures in the strategic Jordan Valley region, an agriculturally-rich area running along the Jordanian border.

The entity sees the strategic valley as an economic and security buffer zone for occupation settlements and wants to keep the region under its control in any future peace deal with the Palestinians.

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Abbas Says Talks with ’Israel’ Still on Table

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AbbasPalestinian president Mahmud Abbas said Wednesday talks with ‘Israel’ are still on the table, despite moves against the Zionist entity at the UN and numerous failed rounds of negotiations.

Abbas was addressing the Palestinian leadership at the opening of a two-day conference in the West Bank to discuss the future of the Palestinian Authority (PA).

“We ask all countries of the world to recognize the state of Palestine,” he said.

“But we want to say to the Israeli side, these recognitions do not mean in any way that we do not want to negotiate, or that we’re running away from negotiations.”

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