A Prophecy Come True? Israeli Official Called for ‘Sunni Coalition’ in 2012 Interview

Sunni Vs. Shia–a Plan to Ensure the Legitimacy and Stability of the Israeli Occupation

In August 2012 the former Shin Bet (Israeli Security Service) Director and commander-in-chief of the Navy, revealed Israel’s intention to create a Sunni vs Shia coalition to form against Iran and other Shia Muslim factions in the region. In an interview with Charlie Rose, Ami Ayalon stated that for the existence of Israel it is “Very important to create a Sunni coalition”. He goes on to explain by Sunni coalition he means:

“Turkey, with Egypt, with Jordan, with Saudi Arabia understand that the major conflict is with SHIA, led by Iran”.

It is worthwhile noting that this interview is from 2012, and in 2015 a coalition of the above countries has essentially been formed in recent weeks to attack the Shia Houthis in Yemen. The (technically) Sunni coalition of Arab states has been formed under the pretext of an emerging Iranian threat of expansion in the region.

This sectarian policy to embroil the Middle East into a Sunni vs Shia war, was echoed by former CIA officer Michael Scheuer on live TV in which he stated:

“No ma’am, I think we should back away from the whole thing. The thing was ideal when IS was advancing on Baghdad because Sunnis were killing Shias. That’s exactly what we need.”


Whilst it is true that Sunni and Shia Muslims have their difference, this difference has been grossly exploited by the West in order to further its own interests in the region in order to apply pressure on Iran and its allies in the region. Sunni and Shia Muslims have been living together peacefully for decades in places such as Syria, Yemen and Iraq – all three of which have disintegrated into civil chaos after US led interventions.


Israel has also been supporting Al Qaeda affiliated militants in Syria in order to destabilise the region further and fuel a sectarian conflict in order to establish their own security and legitimacy. A UN report documents communication observed by its peackeeping forces in the Golan Heights. Israel has also provided medical care for extremist militants in its hospitals as well as intelligence against the Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah.

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