BDS direct action Norway Oslo

On March 30th 2015 BDS Norway conducted a war-stunt in front of the Norwegian Parliament

BDS Norway calls upon the government and Norwegian arms manufacturers to end all military trade and cooperation with Israel.

BDS Norway has previously held actions against the Norwegian weaponry producers, Nammo at their headquarters in Raufoss, and Chemring Nobel in Hurum.

We know that Norwegian weapons have been used against thousands of civilians in Gaza.

An end-user declaration on weaponry is an easy way to prevent this from happening.

We as Norwegian citizens and stockowners of Nammo require that the necessary steps be taken to guarantee that we are not contributing to violations of international law in Palestine.

We also demand that Norway ends all military trade with Israel until it complies with international law.

BDS Norway plans to continue with similar actions until we see change in the current Norwegian practice.

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