The Greatest Injustice of the 20th Century

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By Biblicism Institute

It was the greatest theft ever orchestrated.

Palestine - 120 Years Ago - 1Palestine - 120 Years Ago - 2
More Photos of Palestine 1890-1900


In the 1900s, Ashkenazi and European Zionist Jews, under the same pretext as that used by the so called Zionist ‘Christian’ Crusaders of the Middle Ages, flooded into Palestine armed with terror and violence and backed by the imperial might of Britain.

Many political analysts and historians of that time saw the Jewish invasion of Palestine as a British imperial project, this time using Zionist Jews as cannon fodder much like Zionist ‘Christians’ were used when the Europeans’ goal was to plunder the area and control the Mediterranean.

Now, the English empire wanted a beachhead to maintain the Middle East divided and in constant turmoil so as to conquer and control the Arabs who control the oil while keeping their own hands on the wells’ spigots. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement: the Ashkenazi

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