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Don Bibi liquid flame

Ed-note (Sabba) – What Livni is basically saying is that Bibi has removed all the make up the jewish state was wearing to camouflage itself among the civilized world, among the Brotherhood of Mankind. To a certain degree, we must ”thank” him for his relentless efforts to show the world the real face of the jewish state, the jewish mind, the jewish project. We must “thank” him for allowing more and more people to see that indeed, there is ‘no beauty in the beast’. There is none, there never was, there never will be.


“MK Tzipi Livni said Saturday that “the difference between us (the Zionist Union) and Netanyahu is that he does not manage negotiations with the West and does not demand requirements. We have the ability to create ties with the moderate states. I have had a relationship with these countries for all of these years. Obama invited all of the heads of states in the region, and Israel should be there. And it is not there,” said Livni while speaking at a cultural event in north Tel Aviv.

Regarding the election results, Livni said: “More than the mistakes we made, Netanyahu managed to create the false impression, in an ugly way, and the untrue statement that we would sell Israel to the enemy. He managed to get 580 thousand people to go and vote.”

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