Israeli False Flag over Argentina

0320238B-1[1]Argentina witnessed Israeli terrorism before the Americans had their 9/11, British their 7/7 and Indian their 26/11. Israel’s embassy in Buenos Aires was bombed in 1992, followed by the AMIA Jewish Mutual building in 1994.

Israel blamed both bombing, first on Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah and later Islamic Republic of Iran. Even after two decades, no one knows who was responsible for those terrorist attacks that killed nearly 200 people.

Last year, however, Itzhak Aviran, former Israeli ambassador to Argentina (1993 to 2000) spilled the beans, saying: Those who perpetrated the terror attack against the AMIA building have been dispatched to the other world. We (Israel) did that!

Former ambassador Aviran’s shot-in-the-foot has hurt DAIA, AMIA, Israel, Nisman and the entire Zionist lobby who all continue to insist that Iranian officialsstill alive today are guilty for the AMIA bombing and should be captured and tried.  But how’s that possible if Mr. Aviran now reveals that “Israel killed them all”? says Adrian Salbuchi, an Argentine journalist and author.

In 2013, Argentine president Cristina Kirchner declared that she would not get involved in Israel’s problem with Iran. “I will never allow the AMIA tragedy to be used as a chess piece in a game of faraway geopolitical interests,” shestressed.

Last month, Jorge Elbaum, ex-executive director of Delegation for Argentine Jewish Associations (DAIA), in an Op-Ed published at Buenos Aires’ newspaper, Pagina 12, exposed the links between Tel Aviv, the Wall Street and Argentine Zionist Jewish establishment.

Elbaum’s article was written in response to the death of Alberto Nisman, a pro-Israel Zionist Jew and chief government prosecutor in the terrorist bombings for 20 years.

Professor James Petras, in a recent post has refuted Israeli allegations against Hizbullah and Iran.

After the anti-Sematic bombing of the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires, the Argentine judicial and legal system seriously bungled the investigation, despite collaboration from the US FBI and Israel’s Mossad. Argentina’s then President Carlos Menem was an ardent neo-liberal, unconditional backer of US foreign policy and strong supporter of Israel. His regime was still heavily infested with high-ranking police, military and intelligence officials deeply implicated in the seven-year bloody military dictatorship (1976-83) during which 30,000 Argentine citizens were murdered. Among the victims of this ‘dirty war’ were hundreds of Argentine Jews, activists, intellectuals and militants who were tortured and murdered to the anti-Sematic taunts of their military and police assassins. During this same horrific ‘pogrom’ of Argentina’s committed Jewish activists, the state of Israel managed to sell tens of millions of dollars in arms to the junta, breaking a US-EU boycott. Notoriously, the conservative leaders of the DAIA and AMIA (Argentine-Israel Mutual Association) failed to defend the lives of Jewish activists and militants. After attending meetings with the junta, many conservative Jewish leaders would dismiss the concerns of the families of the disappeared and tortured Argentine Jews, saying: ‘They must have done something…, Petras said.

The entire ‘Operation Nisman’ appears to have been orchestrated by Israel with the goal of isolating Iran via fabricated evidence supposed to ‘prove’ its role in the 1994 bombing. The recruitment of Nisman, as a key Israeli operative, was central to Israel’s strategy of using the DAIA and other Argentine – Jewish organizations to attack the Argentine-Iran memo of understanding regarding the investigation of the bombing. Israel pushed US-Zionist organizations to intensify their intervention into Argentine politics via their networks with Argentine-Jewish organizations. The vulture-fund speculator, Paul Singer, who had bought defaulted Argentine debt for ‘pennies on the dollar’, was demanding full payment through sympathetic New York courts. He had funded a special speculators’ task force on Argentina joining forces with Israel, US Zionist organizations and Alberto Nisman in order to manipulate Argentina’s investigation and secure a bountiful return. Nisman thus became a ‘key tool’ to Israel’s regional military strategy toward Iran, to New York speculator Singer’s strategy to grab a billion dollar windfall and to the Argentine right wing’s campaign to destabilize the center-left government of Kirschner-Fernandez, adds Petras.

Let’s not forget, the kosher Pope Francis, the former Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio played a significant Holy Role in Zionist Jewish dirty wars in Argentine in the past.

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