Lebanon (Hezbollah) Nears Liberating Soldiers Kidnapped by Nusra Front

Hezbollah Arrested 10 Nusra Leaders

سالم زهران : المقاومة اعتقلت ١٠قياديين من النصرة

Lebanon Nears Liberating Soldiers Kidnapped by Nusra Front

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IbrahimThe General Security Chief Major General Abbas Ibrahim told Al-Manar that the Lebanese government is close to resolve part of the military hostages file by reaching a happy ending and liberating the soldiers kidnapped by Nusra Front.

Ibrahim added that positive developments have taken place in this regard and that “we are at the edge of resolving the file.

It is worth noting that the terrorist groups of Nusra Front and ISIL who deploy in Arsal barrens attacked the Lebanese northeastern town and kidnapped 29 soldiers of the Lebanese security personnel in August 2014. Four of them have been executed so far.

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19-05-2015 – 21:57 Last updated 19-05-2015 – 21:57

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