These are international bodies delegated for such tasks. However, allowing an inspection of this ship from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would recognize that somehow the people of Yemen are the property of the Saudis, which they are not. Yemenis are fighting and dying to assert this fact each day. The Red Crescent Society of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in agreement with Yemen, is shipping 2,500 tons of medical supplies on this cargo vessel. Both Iran and Yemen are sovereign countries. They have the right to interact peacefully with each other, without interference.

Saudi Arabia has no say in the matter.

The only purpose a Saudi inspection could serve would be to humiliate the Islamic Republic of Iran, or worse, to create some kind of provocation or incident. The Saudis could use the inspection of this vessel to start a scuffle with those onboard, or to plant weapons, or to issue false reports in the media about what they found onboard. The Saudi regime, which beheads and tortures people routinely, and is currently burning the skin of Yemeni children with the chemical weapon called White Phosphorous, has no business entering this ship.

A Purely Humanitarian Mission There is no question in my mind about the absolutely humanitarian nature of this mission. I have personally looked inside the cargo areas of this ship and seen nothing but humanitarian items like band-aids, disinfectant, food, and bottled water. All Iranian cargo ships that pass through the Gulf of Aden have two machine guns mounted on the bridge, as a mechanism for self-defense from pirates or terrorists which frequent this dangerous area.

However, because this is a special humanitarian mission these machine guns, which are on every Iranian cargo ship, were removed. The emblem of the Red Crescent Society is prominently displayed throughout the ship, as are the Iranian and Yemeni flags.

I have spoken at length with the Red Crescent volunteers (we have plenty of time to socialize). They have told me about their previous international operations with the Red Crescent Society, traveling across the world to help those in need. The Iranian Red Crescent Society, like all organizations which are affiliated to the International Red Cross/Red Crescent Society in Geneva, follows seven guiding principles of work. Among them are non-involvement in military operations, non-partisan delivery of aid,and volunteerism. The Iranians would welcome the United Nations or the International Red Cross/Red Cresent to inspect this ship. But the criminal Saudi regime,and its US and Israeli allies are simply not welcome aboard.

If we have no interference, we will reach Hodiedah on Thursday, and deliver our 2,500 tons of supplies to the Yemeni people. We have recently been informed that the Saudis have already bombed the port of Hodiedah in anticipation of our arrival.

Let The Hungry Children of Yemen Live! This Illegal, Immoral Blockade Must End! Don’t Block The Rescue Boat! (I ask my friends in the United States and elsewhere to please forward and post this message as widely as possible. Send it to the press, put it on social media, repost it anywhere you want. My internet access onboard is very limited, so PLEASE help spread the word about our humanitarian mission.)

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