So Brazenly Selfish … a poem by m. dennis paul

So Brazenly Selfish a poem by m. dennis paul

So Brazenly Selfish
Facing mortality is something one rejects in youth
questions as time passes and those around us fade away
then embraces as years show their harsh rewards

It seems this should thus be

Knowing there is an expectation of fewer days in my calendar
fewer than I would like
I sometimes worry there may be too few
within which to accomplish a singular dream

Should existence thus be so?

My mind wanders to tiny once beaming faces of children
in Iraq
in Syria
in Palestine
in Yemen
in Mali
and far too many other places on this fading old planet
far too many existences whose moments of time
were too few
calendars too brief
within which to mark their nights and days
of dreams

Still I question
is it not so brazenly selfish
to wish
to pray
…just one more year
for me

—m. dennis paul

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