There are some readers who keep repeating the same tired mantra about the SAA losing control of the eastern part of the country.  It just isn’t true. The facts are that the SAA and its allies are recovering whole areas and liberating hundreds of villages everywhere in Al-Hasaka and Dayr El-Zor. They can publish all the lies they want, but, one thing is certain, at the end of the day they remain nothing but unembellished liars and pimps for the Saudi simian regime.

Dayr El-Zor City:   The SAAF pounded the stuffing out of the zombie-like ISIS savages in the areas of Al-Jubayla, Al-‘Urfi, Al-Hameediyya and Al-Huwayqa yesterday and today.  Whole pockets of miserable fake-Muslim rodents were liquidated in massive bursts of fire.  We can confirm the total destruction of 4 pickups with 23mm cannons, a rocket launcher and various pieces of heavy artillery which the rats had positioned inside these almost-abandoned areas.

Al-Tharda Mountain:  The SAA and PDC have intensified shelling here as a prelude to a delousing operation intended to rid the area of any ISIS microbes.  My reports indicate ISIS lost 2 bases in the mountain’s environs.

Al-Muree’iyya, Al-Jafra, Saker Island:  These locales are on the eastern borders of the city and largely under the control of the SAA.  Yesterday, scores of rodents trying to attack fixed SAA positions were routed and annihilated to the tune of 97 dead rats.

Dayr El-Zor Airbase:  The SAA confirmed the deaths of 30+ ISIS rodents trying to invade SAA outposts on the perimeter. The SAA counterattacked with the help of the SAAF and killed scores more. The area is still being assessed as we write.

  مقتل العشرات من إرهابيي داعش بعمليات برية وجوية للجيش بدير الزور

The carcasses of plague-infested trash from all parts of the world are presented here for your delectation. 


AL-HASAKA:  Several Syrian officers have expressed the belief that ISIS will be withdrawing soon from Al-Hasaka under pressure from the SAA and the various Kurdish groups who are all advancing remarkably against the slop-shop, rag-tag, jerry-made cadres of cockroaches and vermin who populate ISIS.


Jammu, Daawoodiyya, Ward Shaqra, Abyadh Checkpoint:  Our reports are in line with other news sources: ISIS took a drubbing this morning from the Syrian Army at the cited locations.  The ISIS rodents were extremely inept and unprofessional in that they huddled together at some points trying to create impenetrable strongpoints, but, instead, wound up making the pleasurable activity of killing them that much easier.   (See below)

The Ba’ath Party militias played a major role in the fighting here helping to destroy 3 suicide bombers in trucks and many pieces of artillery.  The SAA’s Special Operations units were also here and participated mightily in killing the vultures.  Number killed?  My source in Damascus says he heard 68 killed with hundreds wounded.


Don’t worry, if these cockroaches had a soul, it’s now in Hell.  Many of these were from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Iraq.

Qabr Shaamiyya:  This took place on May 23, 2015 when ISIS attempted to assault SAA checkpoints.  The SAA and militia had received Intel already about the terrorist concentrations and our soldiers were ready to kill the whole lot.  The location of this site is on the Al-Hasaka-Tal-Abyadh Road to the southwest.  The SAA now controls all this area and the foothills of ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Mountain up to the Center for the Treatment of Solid Waste after counterattacking the rats under SAAF cover.  I understand the SAA is now feeding the Treatment Center with new forms of solid waste.

Baab Al-Khayr Village:  A Mitsubishi pickup with a 23mm cannon was rendered twisted iron when one of our stalwarts fired a Kornet at it killing all 3 rats aboard.

Al-Hawl:  East of the city.  Liberated by the SAA on May 26, 2015.  The rats were annihilated here and escaped toward Al-Shidaadi.  The SAA recovered intact rockets, artillery pieces, CDs, maps and Turk-provided cellphones.  The SAA killed 18 rodents.

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