HOMS:  The western media is giving me laughter pangs – cramps all over my sides especially the British child molesters who have taken it upon themselves to defend the only future Caliphate based on perversion and freedom to bugger.

Jibaab Hamad close to Al-Furuqlus in the East:   SAA waited stealthily for ISIS slugs to slowly drift by in their Saudi-purchased Chevy pickups armed with the usual Croatian manufactured 23mm cannons.  And didn’t they get what they had coming to them?:

‘Abdul-Jaleel Awbaashi

‘Umar Shihaab

Mahmoud ‘Ali Sahnooni

Nicmettin Mehmut Kemalzaade  (TURK PIG OYSTER)

The rest were all foreigners with physical features similar to those of Central Asia and western China.  All together, the SAA killed 14 rats and wounded scores.

Al-‘Aamiriyya:  A pickup with a 23mm cannon was destroyed along with 2 vans carrying cats.  These were more ISIS rodents.  According to SANA and my Ba’ath sources, the enemy suffered over 50 casualties in this encounter.   No names sent.

Palmyra Airbase area:  Syrian Army artillery pounded ISIS positions around the airbase for 3 hours causing the rats to reform east of the base to take another drubbing.  No other details.

مقتل 30 إرهابياً من النصرة بعمليات للجيش في ريف درعا

Al-Sukhna Village:  SAA fired several salvos at moving rodents with some reports of direct hits. No other details.

Al-Jadhal Gas Field:  SAA continues to repel ISIS at this site.  It is clear that the terrorist savages need to recoup financial losses by selling gas to Erdoghan’s retarded apes.

Al-Shaa’er Mountain area:  SAA continues to hit ISIS over the area north of Al-Jadhal Gas Field.  According to one report, the SAA struck an ISIS armored car destroying it and killing all inside.  After the battle, it was reported also that the SAA collected weapons and ammunition for use in exterminating Saudis.

Ayn Al-Baarida Village:  Fighting with no details.

ضربات نارية مكثفة تستهدف تحركات

Umm Sahreej near Jubb Al-Jarraah:  Syrian Army and militia killed these plague-carrying rodents:

Sameeh Baydar

Muhammad Al-‘Ashshi

Yazeed Bilaal ‘Ali-Hassan

Muhsin Daawood Al-Sayyid

الجيش يستهدف بالقصف الصاروخي مواقع لإرهابيي داعش في ريف الحسكة

Al-Shindaakhiyya:  Fighting with no details.

Hawsh Al-Zubaadi Village:  Ditto.

North Al-Mushayrifa:  These 2 were identified among the 9 dead:

Sulaymaan Tatarji

Al-Sayyid Burhaan ‘Uthmaan

More fighting in:  Talbeesa where 23 rats were killed and in Al-Ghantu.

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