AL-HASAKA:  John Esq. sent me an email with a link to Pat Buchanan’s ranting-cum-ignorant article which seems to suggest the Western mantra about “Assad about to fall”.  The West is even kiting lies about Russian advisers leaving Syria which is completely and utterly false.  Buchanan, seemingly losing his compass at his advanced age, is mimicking the press and repeating the same blunder-laden nonsense which the Zionist press continues to eruct.  It’s a shame when someone like Pat Buchanan begins to appear frail in the mind.

Al-Mujabbal Al-Zifti:  The SAA engaged ISIS in extremely intense combat here destroying a confirmed 2 pickup trucks with the usual Doschkas.  All aboard the trucks were killed.  The SAA is not permitting photography of these scenes as a matter of security.

Al-Ahdaath Prison Complex:  Remember, the prison is not yet completed and the attacks on it remain somewhat puzzling.  In any case, yesterday, defenders of  the SAA and PDC destroyed one pickup with 23mm cannon, a van loaded with ammunition and killed a reported 7 rodents.

All these villages are seeing heavy combat as I write:  Ghuraat, ‘Abid, Sawdaa`.

Syrian Army Wins Back New Areas in Idlib and Hama

Massive counterattack by the Syrian Army at Abyadh Bridge in rural southeast Al-Hasaka.  Reports are that the ISIS buzzards have sustained devastating losses to the SAAF as it covered a counter-sweep by the SAA.  As I write, the rats are screaming for help with no chance of reinforcements in sight.

Al-Maylabiyya:  A pickup with 23mm cannon destroyed.  The number of these trucks deployed to Syria and Iraq gives the reader an measuring stick for analysing the huge financial losses to KSA and Qatar in funding this fool’s errand.

Al-Daawoodiyya:  Another pickup destroyed.

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