Dear Mona

مدوّنة مريم

Israeli military court thrives on breaking the Palestinian mind and soul. It exists to perpetuate Israel’s very apartheid structure with a conviction rate of 99.97%. It’s a kangaroo style court in which Palestinians have already been found guilty prior to entering the court room. What is being negated is the form of punishment, and regardless of what it is, it’s always severe.

Mona Qaa’dan, a Palestinian from Arraba, Jenin has been incarcerated in Hasharon prison stince 2012. Her trial has been postponed for the 17th time on Wednesday, the 3rd of September 2014. Mona has been denied visits and remains held in cell number 1 with 4 other women.

This, however, is not a piece on Israel’s apartheid system or its military court which exemplifies everything that Zionism is built on. This is a piece about Mona, precious Mona.

Mona Qaadan

I read about Mona Qaa’dan long before I met…

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