armyAL-HASAKA:  Last night, the ISIS terrorist cannibals were able to penetrate the southwest quarters of Al-Nashwa/Rusaafa in Al-Hasakah City.   Once again, the tactic of choice was to have infantry behind a suicide truck which, in addition to blowing the driver into oblivion, opens a hole in the defenses.  In this case, the defenders were local tribal units loyal to the Syrian State and elements of Internal Security.  They were not prepared.  The attack itself came from an unusual location indicating that the SAA-MI was not concerned about an assault from the southwest.  The Syrian Army is now taking steps to reorient its defenses and surround the rodents with new forces.  My source tells me that the attack is not extremely threatening, however, Ba’ath Party sources claim that the ISIS rodents are deliberately hiding behind civilians – in other words, using civilians as a shield.  This may impede the SAA’s ability to deploy heavy artillery and, thus, give the appearance that ISIS can still strike whenever and wherever it pleases.  We will keep you informed.



Is there any method to the madness of ISIS?  Reports are coming in about ISIS sending foreign terrorists and their families back to northern Aleppo.  This is particularly baffling because ISIS is abandoning positions in northern Aleppo and redeploying forces to defend Al-Raqqa.  But, then, we also hear about an attack on Al-Hasakah with rats they cannot easily spare.  It is conceivable that the attack on Al-Hasakah was to prevent the SAA from joining up with Kurdish forces who are on the verge of surrounding Al-Raqqa after several victories in the countryside.  The force sent to Al-Hasakah appears to be weak, yet, capable enough of creating sufficient mayhem to tie down forces which were prepared to move to Al-Raqqa and Tabqa to support the PKK.  Note, the Turks have not changed since the election: the renewed attack on Kobane came from Turkey.  Make no mistake about it.  Erdoghan is committed to insuring his seat at the International Criminal Court.

June 24, 2015: An ISIS convoy of 9 trucks heading out for Palmyra from Al—Raqqa was met by the Syrian Air Force which completely annihilated the convoy killing over 60 rats in the process based on aerial assessment and intercepted communications.  The convoy was hit in two sorties.  Only one name has been revealed from the mostly foreign rodents:

‘Abdul-‘Azeez Al-Yaaseen 

ISIS has been losing rats and territory in record numbers.  Don’t let the propagandists fool you.  Both the Syrian and Iraqi fronts are slowly chiseling away at the ISIS empire of ignorance.  With the loss of the oil and gas fields west of Palmyra, ISIS leaders must be hurriedly plotting some kind of come-back to reinstate their former economic muscle.  Without money, they will lose the loyalty of their mercenaries.  It is this aspect of the war which needs more study.


DER’AH:  The Jaysh Al-Fath has opened up a new front in Der’ah in order to capture the provincial capital.  I have excellent sources in Der’ah because Monzer is tightly linked to that front and the front in Qunaytra.   We are seeing elements of Ahraar Al-Shaam and Nusra/Alqaeda fighting together here.  SAA-MI confirms that all orders being issued are coming from the traitor regime of ‘Abdullah bin Antoinette Avril Gardiner in ‘Amman who is running some kind of carnival sideshow with the most malicious terrorist supporters from the United States, Britain and France barking them out into cellphones.

The attack has failed!  As of 3:00 p.m. Damascus time, the combined SAA, SAAF, PDC, Ba’ath Party militias and local fighters who volunteered to fight for their country, has blunted the largest assault ever on the city of Der’ah.  As of now, we can tell you, based on reports from Damascus, that hundreds of rats have been killed or wounded and that this can be confirmed by the logjam at the borders with Jordan where screaming rodents beg for immediate veterinary attention.


بعد تطويقه مدينة تدمر.. الجيش العربي السوري يسعى لتأمين حمصThe whole point of the assault was to take control of Khirbat Ghazaala as a prelude to the assault on Der’ah City.  The plan was to use 6 separate suicide truck attacks to decimate the SAA’s strongpoints in the Der’ah countryside.  The rats were equipped with 30 refurbished T-62 tanks, 40 missile launchers including LAV rockets from the Zionist Settler State deployed by 1,500 rodents from Jordan.  The SAA had been watching and listening for this attack.  Without so much as a hint, the SAAF took to the air and began scouring the area for any evidence of terrorist rat concentrations.  Once the SAAF detected such groupings, the order was to annihilate them.  In the meantime, in complete coordination, the SAA’s Special Forces were sent to the front to search out rodents who were carrying American-made TOW rocket launchers, MANPADS and French-made Milan anti-tank rockets.  The SAA-SF forces also carried Kornet rockets.  With the SAAF and SAA searching out the rats’s best equipment, the result was a no-brainer.  The frontal attack using 6 suicide truck bombers came a cropper.  All the trucks were identified and destroyed including several armored cars, cannons, vans.


Al-Yaadoodaa:  SAAF destroyed a nest of vultures killing a confirmed 28 rodents, some of whom were apparently leaders of Nusra.


Al-Yaadoodaa Road:  33 confirmed dead rodents belonging to Nusra/Alqaeda were killed by the SAAF.

Sayf Al-Khaleefa Jabaara

‘Adnaan ‘Abdul-Mu’ti Al-Shaadin

‘Umar Sa’eed Khalloof

The rest were all foreigners.  An assessment at the scene was completed by security services.


الجيش السوري يصدّ هجوماً كبيراً على مدينة درعا.. وقتلى المجموعات الإرهابية بالعشرات Al-Nu’ayma:  SAAF has done it again.  At an ad hoc meeting of rat leaders, where a homer device was place very conveniently outside the villa, the SAAF struck paydirt by killing every single one.  I have no other details.



army-tankerHere are some of the names of the rats killed in Al-Nu’ayma as confirmed by the rats themselves on their rat websites:

Mish’al Farhaan Al-Zu’bi

Ahmad ‘Issaa Zurayqaat

Ahmad Khaalid Abu Al-Hawaash

Muhammad Kaamil Al-Daaghir

Bakr ‘Umar Al-Mahaawish

Muhammad Rasmi Al-‘Abbood

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian


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