The Road to Palestinian Liberation Lies…Where? – Riyadh.

Posted on July 5, 2015 by Alexandra Valiente

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I’ve expressed the similar sentiments to these below in the past, but the subject came up again today on social media and, as it is of utmost importance, I’m posting the commentaries here.
Navid Nasr began the needed exchange with these words:
“Apparently, for a lot of both Palestinian and non-Palestinian advocates for Palestine and the Palestinian people, the road to Palestinian liberation lies through the destruction of Libya, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Tunisia, and now Egypt. Good to know.” – Eva Bartlett
“Islamist Palestinians… and that’s a direct outcome of Saudi indoctrination, this is in fact a very familiar tune that we’ve all heard before during that woebegone cold war era when, at the time, the road to Palestine essentially went through “communist Afghanistan”; except that Palestine was never at any point intended to be the destination of their GCC/CIA-sponsored jihad after the “liberation of Kabul” just as it will never be their destination after their intended “liberation of Damascus”; that was basically one of Saudi arabia’s (and other gulf reactionary regimes’) main calling cards to recruit thousands of “Arab mujahideen” to fight the soviet presence in Afghanistan on behalf and at the behest of the Reagan administration, and at the same time ensure the continued deliberate marginalization of Palestine as a central cause for the Arab and Islamic worlds.

it’s the same brand of insidious indoctrination that prevails today and relegates palestine to the back burner while giving credence and urgency to whatever rotten cause that the Saudi ruling dynasty chooses (or is instructed) to champion in their ever onward quest to serve the imperial interests of the west; everything takes a back seat to their unrelenting efforts to plant the seeds of discord and fan the flames of an all-out sectarian war across the region.” 

“Not to mention the destruction of their own Palestinian Authority, which they all seem to be co-morbidly interested in…. The common factor in all the cases is hugely networked, powerful NGOs and ‘human rights’ organizations that are all funded by NATO member countries. Since occupied Palestine is completely at the mercy of these organizations for basic socio-economic survival (as they are not allowed to have an economy of their own), it follows that they would be hopelessly at the mercy of their benefactors’ agendas.”

“Egyptian army is facing a neocolonial death squad offensive in Sinai right now (I fully support their mission against the death squads), and Sinai is fundamental to neocolonial and zionist state policy as is Libya, Syria and Iraq (and also even Yemen, Algeria, Mali, Nigeria, etc with a view to Central Asia and China), hence the strategic downgrading of those states and their army’s which was always a central strategic aim of the white colonial settler state, as is explained in this interview.

All the while, we have the western liberals favourite death squad advocate Moazzam Begg suggesting to the british tory govt (!, nice of Moazzam to give such advice to the enemy) that they team up with the death squad ‘Jabhat Nusra’ as a counterweight to the other nearly same death squad ‘Isis’! See here this line, printed by the Qatari death squad monarchy financed Middle East Eye:

Moazzam might be a useful fool and tool for the British state, but he knows very well that the British state are in a direct relationship of collusion with these death squads (of which he is an integral part, having at least one secret meeting with the British Intel services who green lighted his death squad work in Libya and then in Syria) and seeks to continue the British state de jure strategy of leaning towards Jabhat Nusra death squads amongst others. But of course, the British state is also in collusion with ‘Isis’ as is clear by the cases of Adebalajo (Re: lee rigby etc) and ‘Jihadi John’/Mohamed Emwazi and hundreds of ‘Isis’ recruits facilitated and watched over as they leave Britain to go and join the armed gangs in Syria and Libya and further afield.”

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