ALEPPO:  Erdoghan is still trying to get the army to do more than position some soldiers and tanks on the Syrian border. He is trying desperately to convince General Necdet Ozel to commit to the Saudi plan to stop the advance of the Syrian Army in virtually every area of the country, especially Aleppo.  SyrPer has a unique window into the situation there what with so many relatives inside the city and so many nephews in the Syrian Army.  Nobody has a more pellucid view of the situation than SyrPer.

Jam’iyyaat Area of Al-Zahraa` Quarter:   A suicide truck driven by a Nusra/Alqaeda rodent went BOOM! yesterday after an alert infantryman saw it approaching the western entry into this area.  He called in a Kornet anti-tank rocket operator who was nearby.  It was the same old story.  Wael says the soldier who fired the Kornet was a veteran of the Central Prison siege and had 6 suicide trucks under his belt.  It was a no-brainer.  A Scandia truck loaded with TNT and C-4 enhanced by gallons of petrol charged at the SAA defenses.  The driver did not get terribly close as the thread-guided rocket hurtled through the air straight at the truck’s payload.  The explosion was enormous as soldiers could see the drivers body parts fly into the air like the burning pages of a newspaper stirred by a strong wind.

We can confirm the death of Abu Muhammad Al-Uzbeki (from Uzbekistan) here yesterday.  He was incinerated and reduced to a pile of ashes.  Only his rotted teeth, perforated by years of chewing on his own toenails and having the appearance of crenelated bricks, survived the tent of fire which erupted around him.   He was a leader of Kateebat Sayfullaah Al-Sheeshaani.   Also killed was Riyaadh Al-‘Abid, a leader of the Nooreddeen Zangi group.  The Jam’iyaat area is now totally liberated.  British morons in Turkey licking their ulcerating wounds.


Al-Raashideen in the First District:  Rats continue to attack and fail here.  Yesterday, spotters confirmed 6 killed or wounded.

Layramoon:  More fighting as the SAA advances.  However, this area has been difficult.  We just cannot prevent the rodents from collapsing and coming back.

Al-Zaydiyya:  SAA and PDC took on a group of Ahraar Al-Shaam rodents and killed these who carried valid Syrian papers:

Hishaam Muhammad ‘Aql

Faysal ‘Ali Hassan Bahlawaan

Hassan Mas’ood Al-Akrat

Muhammad Firaas Shu’ayb

مصادر إعلامية: الجيش يسيطر على منطقة جمعية الزهراء بحلب

 Other rats killed in action as acknowledged by rodent websites include:

‘Ali Hamdu Qinti

Hudhayfa Haytham Qinti

Saamir Radhwaan Mirjaan

Kaamil Abu-Hifss


Syrian Army victorious in these areas:  Bustaan Al-Qassr, Qaadhi ‘Askar, Al-Judayda, Al-Mansoora, Scientific Research area, Al-‘Aamiriyya, Binaan Al-Hiss, Khirbat Al-Ma’aassir.

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