In the Interest of All Humanity!

Among Syrian policy top priorities has been fighting terrorism since the 80’s of the last Century. The late President of Syria,Hafez Al-Assad, was the first world leader who called for an accurate definition and fight against terrorism. Unfortunately, the recent terrorism against the Syrians for the last half and four years is more barbaric, savage and even cannibalistic!

From around the globe, under different non-existent on the ground and invented pretexts and false flags, notorious killers, butchers, and insane mobs were paid petro-dollars and promised more fuck in the afterlife! The brain-washed thousands of the insane Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists have been working on the burning and destroying of God’s Paradise on earth, Syria, chosen by God as the birthplace and centre of mono theist religions.

The Syrian wise and courageous leadership stood fast and firm against this terrorism. A simple review of what this very leadership said, did and warned against of  terrorism threats would indeed prove that had it not been for this leadership, Army, friends, all of the region would have by now been non-inhabitant, but for cannibals, executioners and sons of bitches!

The Syrians, Leader, Army and People, inheritors of consequent civilizations, cultures and human values, are determined to flush out every terrorist from their sacred land. The Syrians, in the interest of all humanity, hope that the very well-known leopards of terrorism could change their colours! Ewes! Leopards! The priority of Syria is to save the more of human lives and values.

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