Syrian Army, Hezbollah Blow up Militant Tunnels in Zabadani

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The Syrian army and Hezbollah fighters blew up on Thursday two tunnels used by Takfiri militants in Zabadani, sources told al-Manar.

The two tunnels, connected to each other, link Sahl al-Zabadani with the town of Madaya which lies south of Zabadani and is 8-km-far from Lebanon’s eastern border.

Syrian army and Hezbollah in ZabadaniThe tunnels were also linked to a third one which was blown up by the allied forces few days earlier, the sources said.

The Takfiri militants were using these tunnels to transfer supplies, according to the sources.

Earlier on Wednesday, the allied forces killed scores of insurgents as they advanced toward the city of Zabadani.

The Syrian army and Hezbollah have been since July 4 engaged in the battle of Zabadani, the last city under the control of terrorists in the Qalamoun region on the Lebanese border.

The ongoing battle is part of a wider operation launched by the Syrian forces and the resistance movement’s fighters on May 4, which has reportedly driven militants out of more than 90 percent of the territory in the mountainous region.

Source: Al Manar TV

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Zabadani Tunnels

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