Media challenges in confrontation of Takfiri ideology

The Takfiri current that has swept through the entire region has its roots in the first place in thought and ideologies. The media of the resistance should be more strongly and effectively present at the front of resistance to face Zionism and racism and battle with Takfirism and fanaticism that are the result of the misunderstanding of Islam.

The takfiri terrorists’ heavy dependence on media proves that they are part of a structure that had been built by US and Western intelligence agencies. The ISIS has more than 90,000 accounts of Twitter and Facebook in addition to 19 media production companies and an army of skilled and professional photographers and journalists.

The US controls 90 percent of the international media while the Saudi regime finances more than 80 per cent of the Arab media which, makes for a dangerous role that media plays which attempts to fragment the Arab region. So, there is a need to establish a global media alliance aimed at unmasking the true face of the Takfiri terrorists.

There is a  necessity for establishing a media system which encompasses journalists from all countries with the aim of fighting all types of terrorism.All  the terrorist organizations should be placed on the UN and international terror lists and considering them “a common enemy” to all countries and people of the world.The Security Council decisions and resolutions should  compel all countries to confront terrorism by all possible means and cut off support and funding support to terrorist organizations.

Setting up an international legal system to prosecute the backers of terrorism and taking measures to ban media outlets from promoting the activities of terrorist organizations should also be given top priority.

Drawing up a joint media work plan for spreading awareness of confronting takfiri thinking and refuting the so-called “Islam phobia” should be focused on through spreading the real tolerant image of the Islamic religion.

The media of the resistance, including the Syrian media, have successfully managed to enter the battlefield with its modest capabilities, backed by a strong will and determination for survival and victory.

There is a state of confusion currently suffered by the tendentious and hostile media as they have been confronted by the media of the resistance that have highly contributed to exposing the disinformation practiced by the former about the nature of the terrorist war targeting Syria and the region.

The media of the resistance should play a crucial role in confronting terrorism and further unmasking the true image of criminality and extremism under which Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) and other terrorist organizations are operating.

The media of the resistance must further focus on circulating pictures and materials that uncover the horribleness of the crimes committed by ISIS in challenge of the various media outlets that are acting as platforms for this and other terrorist and takfiri organizations.

There should be a focus on issues of enforcing accountability against the media outlets involved in inciting extremism and terrorism such as al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya and other channels that market for terrorists and try to show them as revolutionaries.

The spread of takfiri terrorism was due to the non-abidance by the UN resolutions on counterterrorism, which have not been implemented because of favoritism towards the regional countries fostering terrorism including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Israel as these countries are shouldering the responsibility of implementing the Zionist project in the region.

The absence of any serious international and regional effort for combating terrorism has given rein to takfiri terrorists to expand and develop their methods of criminality. This failure to enforce the international counterterrorism resolutions resulted in ineffectiveness in fighting terrorism.

The need to create an alliance to fight terrorism is certain particularly in light of the failure of the anti-ISIS alliance established by the US. In fact, the US does not really intend to eliminate ISIS, but it wants to exploit it to realize its strategic goals. So, the media of the resistance should press ahead in exposing the atrocious massacres committed by ISIS and other terrorist organizations to unveil their sinister objectives as they are mere tools in the Zionist project.

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