Israeli Navy Prepares for Hezbollah Strikes during Any Upcoming War

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Zionist EntityThe Zionist navy will face major challenges during any upcoming war with Hezbollah as the Israeli estimation notes that the oil refineries will be the most targeted.

During the upcoming war between Israel and Hezbollah, the marine confrontation will be fundamental, the Zionist newspaper Maariv reported.

The paper reflected the Zionist navy preparations to face Hezbollah rocketry attacks that will target the marine oil platforms.

According to the Zionist newspaper, the oil platforms will be a main target of Hezbollah will impose a marine blockade on Israel, which will lead to seriously negative effects on the entity.

A Zionist military source mentioned that the targeted area is two times larger than that of the entity, demanding an iron dome strategy to face the rocketry challenge.

Maariv added that Israel is trying to anticipate the threat by getting more warships and by intensifying the human and materialistic resources of its navy.

Source: Al Manar TV

31-07-2015 – 18:59 Last updated 31-07-2015 – 18:59

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