Loyalty to Resistance Hails Assir Arrest, Urges Mustaqbal to Stop Evading Talks

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Loyalty to the Resistance bloc called upon political forces in Lebanon at this critical stage to act responsibly vis-à-vis the terrorist threat, especially after the developments in Lebanon and the region confirmed that this terrorism is identical to the Zionist terrorism in his crimes, methods and targets.

loyalty blocThe bloc hailed the arrest of terrorist Ahmad Al-Assir who was responsible of Abra and Sidon tragic events that lead to the killing and injuring of dozens of Lebanese army soldiers and officers along with other Lebanese civilians, not to mention his responsibility in operating terrorist cells to sow discord and provoke incitement and division. “This is an important security achievement that deserves our deep appreciation which we extend to the army institution,” the bloc said after its weekly meeting.

The bloc hoped that justice would take its course in the case and that his accomplices from funders to inciters and even those who provided cover-up will be detained.

Concerning the Mustaqbal-FPM dialogue, the bloc said in a statement read by MP Hassan Fadlallah: “We renew our call for the Mustaqbal Party to stop evading holding communication and dialogue with the Free Patriotic Movement, which can neither be ousted or isolated nor ignored especially in terms of achieving national partnership which is the basis of the state and its institutions.”

It declared that the Mustaqbal Movement’s stance is delaying resolving pending political disputes and creating new problems in Lebanon, such as the waste disposal crisis and the dispute over the wages of public sector employees.

“The deliberate isolation directed against the FPM by rival parties will backfire against them,” the bloc added.

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Nigeria Investigates How Terrorist Ahmad Al-Assir Got Visa to Lagos

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Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered an investigation into how a fugitive terrorist linked to takfiri groups secured a valid Nigerian visa in Lebanon, Daily Trust reported Wednesday.

Terrorist Ahmad Al-Assir, who was sentenced to death in absentia and had been on the run since 2013, was arrested on Saturday at Beirut International Airport on his way to Nigeria through Egypt.

He was carrying a fake Palestinian passport with Nigerian visa.

Daily Trust said — citing credible sources — that the Nigerian presidency felt embarrassed and scandalized that a man on the international terror list had obtained a Nigerian visa and was on his way to the country.

“It was even worrisome for the government that Al-Assir was trying to enter Nigeria at a time when the country is trying to put down the Boko Haram insurgency that has caused so much death and destruction,” the sources said.

The Nigerian government had therefore directed the three agencies involved – the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and the Nigerian Immigration Service to immediately investigate the matter and report back soonest.

The Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Amb. Bulus Lolo, said the Federal Government had begun investigations on a wanted terrorist granted a Nigerian visa in Lebanon to visit Nigeria.

Lolo explained that the Nigerian Charge d’Affairs in Lebanon had met with Lebanese authorities to look into the matter.

Assir fled justice in June 2013, after deadly clashes against the Lebanese army in Abra region in the southern city of Sidon.

He was an extremist preacher used to take Abra mosque a coverage for his terrorist actions.

Army stormed the mosque and found a warehouse of heavy and medium ammunitions inside it.

Lebanese forces still chase fugitive terrorist Fadel Shaker who was a key player in Abra clashes.

In a video posted on YouTube, Shaker boldly confessed of killing two army soldiers.

The military court on Monday in Lebanon adjourned the trial of suspects from the 2013 Abra battle in a bid to allow terrorist Assir to provide testimony.

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