Why the UK desperately needs Jeremy Corbyn

Judging by all the hysterical vitriol published by the UK press and broadcast by the likes of the BBC, Sky etc, it seems the establishment are really worried about Jeremy Corbyn becoming the Labour Leader and eventually the Prime Minister. That in itself is reason enough to vote for him.
Personally I have been banned from voting in the leadership election because, and I admit it, I was once a member of the notorious Green Party and therefore Labour assumed I didn’t accept the “aims & values” of the Labour Party, unlike presumably Tony Blair. The fact I’ve voted Labour in every General Election since being able to is apparently irrelevant.
Anyway in my opinion there’s absolutely no difference between the current Labour Party’s policies and those of the Tory’s which is why we need a complete “sea change”  and Jeremy Corbyn is the only one that can make those changes.
I suggest;
1) A cap on rents, they have risen 5 times faster than wages and people are being exploited
2) Re-Nationalisation of gas, electricity & water and exclusion of private interests in regards to the NHS
3) The separation of bank’s retail from their investment departments. That way the taxpayer will not have any obligation to bail them out again
4) The use of Quantitative easing , not to back up banks , but to start a housing program, we need more houses and more being built will reduce prices. The funds obtained by selling these state built houses can be used to reduce the National Debt and repaid into state funds. Although some should be retained as “council housing” This will also help employment and the homeless.
5) The saving of £3.7 billion a year on the Trident program which does absolutely nothing for our defence but simply makes us a bigger target should the USA succeed in starting another war.
6) For the first time in history, turn the UK into a democracy by dumping the House of Lords, replacing it with an elected second house.
7) Stop commercial funding of MPs, the public elected them to serve their interests. Stop the moonlighters who very rarely turn up in Parliament
I may add to this list, suggestions welcome
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