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مقتل العقل المدبر لتنظيم «داعش» في الرقة البريطاني جنيد حسين

AL-RAQQA:  All rats, no matter how much talent they might have, are going to die in Syria.  This is exactly what happened to the degenerate monster and heretic seen in the picture herein-above.  He was Junayd Hussayn (a/k/a “Abu Hussayn Al-Bareetaani”), a U.K. citizen (natch) of Pakistani origin.  He was reportedly killed in an American aerial attack around the Al-Raqqa area, at the Abu Hayf Fuel Station, last Monday.  Along with him were 3 others who also were vaporized.  According to some sources he stole over $200,000,000.00 American dollars through computer hacking.  He was an electronic warfare wiz responsible for ISIS’s world-wide campaigns of recruitment and propaganda.  Very secretive, he had the full confidence of the Caliph of Cockadoodledoo.  To his family, we extend our middle fingers and wish him and them a prompt descent into Hell.


TURKEY:  The assassinated chief of the “Association of the Falcons of the Ghaab” is robbed of his body organs by his own allies:

سرقة أعضاء متزعم ما يسمى

Here lies the deserter, Major Jameel Ra’doon, after being deprived of his body’s organs which were harvested in order to be sold to some Zionist.  He was assassinated in Antioch by gangsters who were in the business of trafficking  in body parts.   “You reap what you sew”.  Nyuk. Nyuk.


DAMASCUS:  Syrian Army has ceased withdrawal of  heavy equipment and armor from the town of Al-Zabadaani.  The planned truce has collapsed due to constant violations of its terms by the disorganized terrorist rodents.  So, what that means is that the towns of Al-Zabadaani, Al-Faw’ah and Kafrayyaa will continue to suffer material and human losses for the time being.  In fact, of interest to some readers might be the fact that scores of terrorists in Al-Zabadaani were exploring an Amnesty offer from the government.  All that was for naught once the truce fell apart.


الجيش السوري يسحب معداته الثقيلة من الزبداني

Doumaa:  Very heavy fighting with the SAA on the offensive and the SAAF tracking, with pin-point accuracy, the movement of terrorists, an activity which led to the bombardment and total annihilation of an IED and rocket factory run by the illustrious rodent, Zahraan ‘Alloosh, who may be dead for all we know.  4 pickups were destroyed by the SAAF near the village of Al-Shifooniyya.

‘Abdul-Jabbaar Al-Faytoori (LIBYAN WEASEL GLAND)




‘Abdul-Shaafi’ Jayjooni

Taaher Al-‘Ajjaan

Maalik Khawwaan

Nabeel Al-Noori

Another 11 could not be identified.


Doumaa:  The SAA struck hard at the Upper Corniche, North of Martyr’s Square, Karm Al-Rassaass and the area of the Medical Tower destroying a rocket launcher and killing these jackals:

‘Abdul-Sattaar Shamsham

Faayez Al-Taweel

Khudhr Haaj-Muhssin

Faysal Muhammad

‘Ayyaadh Al-‘Anzi

Ziyaad Al-Qidda

Muhammad Al-Naqshabandi

عودة العمليات العسكرية بعد انهيار الهدنة في الزبداني وكفريا والفوعة

Zamalkaa:  SAAF destroyed a van near the Abu Bakr Mosque killing these:

‘Aatif Al-Tallaawi

Nuhaad Dihna

Bilaal Hamaada

Muhyi-Al-Deen Sa’adoon Al-Jabboori (IRAQI MUSKRAT PUSTULE)


Harastaa:  The SAA destroyed a mortar at the ‘Aqeel Mosque and killed these ‘Allooshis:

Muhammad Halbooni

Ishaaq Al-Ghaanim

Nidhaal Al-Za’eem

Jawaad Sabhaa

Khaalid Al-Shaami

Hameed Al-Akta’

Ahmad Firdoos


Between Saqba and Jisreen:  SAA seized weapon and ammunition in a van and killed these:

‘Aadil Al-Dabbaas

Zhaafer Al-Beetaar


Tal-Kurdi Village:  An SAA unit destroyed a truck with a heavy cannon.  All rats were killed northeast of Doumaa.  No other details.
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