Lebanon: Hezbollah Minister Voices Support for Anti-Corruption Protests

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As he voiced support to the “legitimate demands” of anti corruption protesters in Lebanon,

Hezbollah’s State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Mohammad Fneish, urged those protesters to have “clear and realistic demands,” in order to achieve the change they have been calling for in Lebanon.

State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Mohammad Fneish“It is the right of some to call for a change in the regime and a revolution, all these slogans are pretty; but, what is needed are the tools for change. That is why protestors must have clear and realistic demands, if they want some of these demands to be achieved,” Fneish said during a funeral ceremony in south Lebanon.

Meanwhile, he stressed that those who are responsible for the corruption must be held accountable, refusing the dissemination of responsibility on all politicians.

“Generalizing responsibility means that we do not want to hold someone accountable,” Fneish said, dubbing such an act as “lacking courage in pinpointing responsibility.”

The Lebanese minister urged politicians to change their ways and stances, because the country could not handle any more corruption.

On the other hand, Fneish stressed that refusing partnership principle is the real reason behind the current crisis in Lebanon, where there have been presidential vacuum and parliamentary paralysis.

Source: Agencies

30-08-2015 – 12:29 Last updated 30-08-2015 – 12:29

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