Al-Aqsa Mosque under Jewish attack


Six days ago, nearly 80 Jewish thugs, escorted by Israeli police, forced into Islam’s sacred building, Al-Aqsa Mosque, in the Occupied East Jerusalem. When Palestinian Muslims protested against Jews disgracing their 1300-year-old worship place, Jewish hooligans and armed police used buttons and rubber bullets. Since then, the protests have spread to the West Bank.

The current Jewish anti-Muslim riots are part of the Zionist regime’s new assertion of authority over Al-Aqsa complex which is currently managed by Jordanian government. Like the Holocaust myth, the Zionist mafia claims that the Al-Aqsa compound is part of the so-called the TempleMount destroyed by Roman, Christian and Persian invaders in the past. Zionists also wrongfully claim that Bible has commanded Jews to rebuild the Temple.

As expected, Zack the idiot at Jewish VOX magazine asserted that Palestinians shouldn’t get excited over such minor provocation. One wonder, why VOX cried wolf when an Iranian newspaper announced to hold ‘Holocaust Contest’ after the Charlie Hebdo scandal.

On Friday, Netanyahu announced that he has ordered Jewish police to use live bullets on “stone throwing youth”, who’re considered “combatants” by Israel’s security agencies. Under new legislation, these stone-throwing “combatants” would be punished with long-term imprisonment and their family homes could be flattened as “web of terrorists”.

On Friday, the Jewish police refused to let Shimon Peres’ Palestinian Gandhi Mahmoud Abbas’ Premier Rami Hamdallah to enter Al-Aqsa compound on Netanyahu’s orders.

The European Union, Iran, Hizbullah and Hamas have condemned Israeli action. Supporters of Muslim Brotherhood demonstrated against Jewish violations of the sanctuary in Cairo and Amman. However, both Gen. al-Sisi and Jordanian King refused to recall their ambassadors in Tel Aviv in protest. Egyptian Army receives $1.3 billion and Jordanian ‘royals’ receive $300 million annually from American taxpayers to protect Israel from Islamists.

The Zionist propagandists want Muslims to believe that the Dome of Rock is the Al-Aqsa Mosque, but it’s a lie. Watch video below.


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