Ziad Fadel 



Daarayyaa:  Yesterday, I reported the deaths of 9 Ittihaad Al-Islami Li-Ajnaad Al-Shaam rats.  I have just learned that the total was 10 rats because one died of his wounds later after having squealed everything he knew to our gentle inquisitors.  Here are the only identities:

“Abu Qutayba” (Id pending)

“Abu Dajaana” (Id pending)

Bassaam Nooh

‘Ali Al-Masri

Faadi Abu-Al-Reesh

Ayham Al-Saalim (PALESTEEZIAN)

Muhammad Musulmaani (PALESTEEZIAN)

May they all burn in Hell.


Khaan Al-Shaykh:  The SAA attacked Nusra/Alqaeda here in a synchronized operation and killed 11 rats and wounded scores.  I have no details at present.


Bayt Taymaa:  SAA attacked Nusra/Alqaeda nests here with artillery and new missiles.  All rats were foreigners.  No other details.


Baalaa Town:  Liberated from the stench of Islamist militant rodents.  The SAAF annihilated their fortifications and turned them into piles of silica.  Both Nusra and ‘Alloosh’s clowns were inside.  The field assessment has not been completed.  Scores were seen escaping the wall of fire that was about to engulf them.


Judayda:  Liberated.  It is near the Dhaahiyat (Suburb) Al-Assad in the area of the Bijou on the left side of the Dam-Homs International Highway.  The operation started on the right side of the highway in the area of the Mercedes Exhibition.  SAA softened up the Jaysh Al-Islam rodents before invading their positions with T-72 battle tanks.  Ultimately, the SAA found the rodents had concentrated their force at the field hospital in Doumaa.  The SAA called in air support which destroyed the entire area where the rats were hiding, killing an estimated 48 of them.  In their miserable defeat, rat apologists and propagandists have tried to point a finger at the SAAF and RuAF for hitting civilian areas and killing 40.  If the truth be told, all the dead were vicious, rabid rodents and their deaths are being celebrated by the population in Doumaa.


ALEPPO:  People are talking about the SAA taking over all Aleppo. There is a reason for that. The following towns and villages in the southwest of the northern capital were liberated yesterday and today from the claws of ISIS:

Mar’ayn Village







Abu Dhanna



Al-Shaykh Ahmad

Umm Urkayla

The SAA is pursuing all remnant rodents as I write.  The SAAF played a major role in creating the atmosphere necessary to get the rats out of these towns.  One of the scores of rodents killed was announced at the city of Al-Baab near the Turk border:

Qutayba Al-Thalja bin ‘Abdul-‘Azeez (A/k/a “Abu Muthannaa” yawn.  SAUDI ARABIAN TAPE WORM)

الجيش والمقاومة يتقدمان باتجاه ساحة المهرجان جنوب الزبداني +فيديو

Khanaasser-Atharyaa Axis now is cleared of rodents according to our sources in Aleppo.


Heavy fighting reported in these areas controlled by Nusra/Alqaeda:  Maysir Jazmaati, Al-Marja, Al-Raashideen.  Names of dead rats in these battles have been reported as:

Yusuf Qashqash

Muhammad Shubayb (Leader of Liwaa` Al-Raayaat.  Also, reportedly a pimp)

Jaabir Wardaani

Mahmoud Salqeeni

Many others have not been reported in detail.


QUNAYTRA:  Unbelievably graphic evidence of ISIS falling apart everywhere.  Yesterday, after the SAA pounced on their position at Khaan Arnaba, an SAA sniper, a woman no less, shot their leader through the head killing him instantly.  Just as quickly, the rodents raised their white flags to surrender.  According to early reports, 50-60 ISIS rodents have given it up.  In interrogation, many admitted they were trained by American Special Forces east of Dayr El-Zor near the Iraqi border and at Daar Al-Kabeera near Homs.  How do you like that for proof?

الجيش السوري يحكم سيطرته على عدة قرى وبلدات في ريف حلب الجنوبي الغربي

And now, read Brandon Turbeville’s article about exactly this:



LATAKIA:  SYRIAN PERSPECTIVE ASSURES ALL READERS THAT THE PROPAGANDA EMITTED BY MOSTLY ARABIAN VERMIN NEWS SERVICES ABOUT KAFR DULBA FALLING TO THE RATS IS TOTALLY AND UNEQUIVOCALLY FALSE.  The operation to reenter Kafr Dulba was well monitored by the SAA-MI units in the northeast of the province.  Moreover, Russian satellites pinpointed exactly from which direction the Alqaeda rats were coming.  A very well-equipped brigade of PDC fighters, many of whom were army reservists, took action to first pummel the approaching rodents with heavy artillery after which the SAAF and RuAF began to fly sorties over the area turning the soil over which the terrorists were running into burning cinders.  Our defenders then marched out of their positions and killed every rat they could find.  A few escaped back into Turkey to nurse their wounds.  The operation was a flop and our defenders were completely victorious.  End of subject.




ANOTHER PICTURE OF THE WEEK: Thanks, Khaalid Nawaz Al-Nouri


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Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif: “No one should dictate own decisions, views to Syrian people”


Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says“No one should ‘dictate’ its own decisions and views to Syrian people, who have been suffering from a foreign-backed militancy for over four years”, Press TV reports.

Zarif made the remark on Friday after the conclusion of the international negotiations aimed at resolving the ongoing crisis in Syria in the Austrian capital city of Vienna.

“The future of Syria can only be determined by the people of Syria. People here are not here to dictate,”he said, adding that those who want “to help in the future of Syria have to facilitate political dialog between the Syrian people.”

The Iranian foreign minister also said all sides involved in the conflict should recognize that terrorism and extremism cannot be used even as temporary assets, urging a collective effort in the fight against extremist groups operating in the Middle East.

“There won’t be a possibility to take advantage of terrorists however temporary, and they all need to realize that the security in this region requires everybody to work together in order to fight terrorism and extremism,” Zarif noted.


No country can use military force in Syria without Damascus approval


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Report: Israeli Forces Attack Journalists, Medics

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[Ed. note – The video above and the story below validate the old adage that maintaining an occupation debases the humanity of the occupiers. ]


Footage published online appears to show Israeli forces beating and pepper spraying a group of journalists and aid workers.

Israeli border police have chased down and beaten a group of humanitarian workers and journalists covering West Bank protests, according to reports Friday.

Additional perspective on the same incident:


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ISIS Claims Responsibility for Downing Russian Passenger Jet ?

Russian Plane Crash in Egypt- Recent Updates

Two Previous Posts: 

 Lufthansa of Germany and Air France said they would reroute flights over the region until the circumstances of the accident were established, a sign that airlines have become a lot more cautious in recent years about flying over regions involved in conflicts.

I’m still having a problem with the narrative created by one Egyptian official!  
He is the ONLY source for all the media stories pushing “technical problems” 
 Despite the fact he claimed the plane was safely in Turkish air space prior to changing his tune

One Egyptian official, Ayman al-Muqadem of the government’s Aviation Incidents Committee, said that before the plane lost contact with air traffic controllers, the pilot had radioed and said the aircraft was experiencing technical problems and that he intended to try and land at the nearest airport.
It was impossible to independently confirm whether technical problems were to blame, and no other Egyptian official repeated the claim on Saturday.


 The US has been claiming all along that Russia wasn’t targeting ISIS in Syria. 
Recall? More than 90%’ of Russian airstrikes in Syria have not targeted Isis, US says
Or:   Just Who Is Russia Targeting in Syria?
 Saying repeatedly that Russia was targeting the moderates. But now ISIS is having revenge?!
According to ISIS?

In response, the terrorist group declared a “holy war” against Russiaand the U.S., which is carrying out a separate military campaign against ISIS in Iraq and, now, Syria. “Islamic youth everywhere, ignite jihad against the Russians and the Americans in their crusaders’ war against Muslims,” the group’s spokesman Abu Mohammad al-Adnani said in a statement on Oct. 13,according to Reuters.

Senior officials from the U.S. have also warned that the Russian airstrikes would make it a target for terrorists. “This will have consequences for Russia itself, which is rightly fearful of attacks,” U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said on Oct. 8. “In coming days, the Russians will begin to suffer from casualties,” he said during a summit of the NATO alliance in Brussels.

And last one for the day…

Contradicting the Egyptian story teller!

 Crashed Russian Airliner Pilot Did Not Seek Traffic Control Help

 The pilot of the Russian airliner that crashed in the Sinai Peninsuladid not request assistance from the air traffic control at Sharm El-Sheikh airport before the incident, Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation Hossam Kamal said Saturday.

Egyptian sources- (1 Egyptian source, just 1)- were quoted as saying earlier the Airbus-321 flight 9268 pilot requested help from air traffic controllers due to technical difficulties. The airliner with 224 people on board disappeared from radars 23 minutes after takeoff en route to St. Petersburg.

“The air traffic controllers’ communication with the Russian airplane was carried out normally until the disaster,” Kamal said at a press conference.


ISIS Claims Responsibility for Downing Russian Passenger Jet ?

 Russian Passenger Jet Crashes After Take Off from Sinai Peninsula- No survivors

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Accusations [by U.S.] about the Russian bombings of hospitals in Syria denied by Red Cross top executive

No firsthand info on alleged Russian ‘airstrike’ on hospital in Syria – Red Cross top executive

Red Cross personnel on the ground in Syria have not reported any ‘airstrikes’ allegedly delivered by Russian jets on civilian targets including hospitals, the medical charity’s top executive told RT.

Since Moscow started its air campaign in Syria on September 30, Western media have been publishing reports that Russian jets are targeting civilians.

A convoy carrying Peter Maurer, president of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), drives past a member of forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad securing the road in the Damascus suburb of Barzeh November 14, 2014. Maurer said he helped distribute aid which arrived in Barzeh on Friday, adding that he was determined to negotiate further access to other areas which have not yet received aid. REUTERS/Omar Sanadiki (SYRIA - Tags: CIVIL UNREST POLITICS CONFLICT SOCIETY) - RTR4E4WS

© Omar Sanadiki / Reuters

Last week, Russia was accused of bombing a number of hospitals in Syria, an allegation flatly denied by the Russian Defense Ministry.

Dominik Stillhart, director of operations at the International Committee of the Red Cross, which has people on the ground in Syria, told RT he is unaware of any such incidents.

“We’ve seen these reports as well, but in the absence of any firsthand information coming from our teams on the ground, I can neither confirm, nor deny these allegations,” Stillhart said, stressing that international humanitarian law “fully applies to the airstrikes undertaken by [anyone] in Syria, including Russia.

“In addition to providing large scale humanitarian assistance, our teams on the ground are also monitoring the conduct of hostilities and use of force, and in case we have concerns, we will share them directly, in a bilateral and confidential dialogue with the relevant party,” the Red Cross executive said.

Stillhart revealed his organization had two employees at the medical facility bombed by US forces in Kunduz, saying the Red Cross “is still shocked” by the tragic attack, “even more so, because hospitals, medical facilities and health staff are protected by international humanitarian law.”

“There are investigations that [are] currently going on and we’re anxious to see the results of these investigations,” Stillhart said.


Despite security measures taken to protect health facilities and medical workers operating in zones of conflicts, “the only way to guarantee better protection [for] health facilities, health and humanitarian workers is to fully respect international humanitarian law,” Dominik Stillhart said.

The smear campaign against Russian military operating in Syria began last week, with media outlets citing reports from the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) foundation based in Canfield, Ohio.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that “Russian airstrikes hit nine hospitals in Syria this month.”

A statement from Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, stressed that such reports show tremendous bias against Russia’s military efforts in Syria.


On October 25, the Human Rights Watch organization alleged that two airstrikes “the local residents believed to be Russian” killed a total of 59 civilians, including 33 children, in northern Homs on October 15.

The Kremlin spokesperson denied the allegations, stressing that a large number of these reports are in fact “hoaxes and deliberate lies.”

“Our military has reported on many occasions that the terrorists are taking cover in residential areas. In such cases Russian troops choose not to hit those targets,” Dmitry Peskov said.


On Tuesday, the Russian Ministry of Defense summoned military attaches from NATO countries and Saudi Arabia, to clarify their countries’ allegations that Russian airstrikes in Syria have hit civilian targets.


The ministry demanded the military officials “give official validation to their statements, or issue a rebuttal,”Defense Ministry deputy head Anatoly Antonov said


RT News
RT Videos
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Vienna Talks Agree to Defeat ISIL, Maintain Syria’s Integrity, Reach Ceasefire

Local Editor

US Secretary of State John Kerry (L), Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (L)The foreign ministers of 16 countries and Chinese deputy foreign minister as well as representatives of the European Union and the United Nations agreed during their meeting in Vienna on Friday to find a political solution to the Syrian crisis.

Following is the full text of a joint communiqué issued by the meeting after the foreign ministerial talks:

Meeting in Vienna, on October 30, 2015, China, Egypt, the EU, France, Germany, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United Nations, and the United States (the participants) came together to discuss the grave situation in Syria and how to bring about an end to the violence as soon as possible.

The participants had a frank and constructive discussion, covering major issues. While substantial differences remain among the participants, they reached a mutual understanding on the following:

1. Syria’s unity, independence, territorial integrity, and secular character are fundamental.

2. State institutions will remain intact.

3. The rights of all Syrians, regardless of ethnicity or religious denomination, must be protected.

4. It is imperative to accelerate all diplomatic efforts to end the war.

5. Humanitarian access will be ensured throughout the territory of Syria, and the participants will increase support for internally displaced persons, refugees, and their host countries.

6. ISIL [the so-called ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ takfiri group], and other terrorist groups, as designated by the UN Security Council, and further, as agreed by the participants, must be defeated.

7. Pursuant to the 2012 Geneva Communiqué and the UN Security Council Resolution 2118, the participants invited the UN to convene representatives of the Government of Syria and the Syrian opposition for a political process leading to credible, inclusive, non-sectarian governance, followed by a new constitution and elections. These elections must be administered under UN supervision to the satisfaction of the governance and to the highest international standards of transparency and accountability, free and fair, with all Syrians, including the diaspora, eligible to participate.

8. This political process will be Syrian-led and Syrian-owned, and the Syrian people will decide the future of Syria.

9. The participants together with the United Nations will explore modalities for, and implementation of, a nationwide ceasefire to be initiated on a date certain and in parallel with this renewed political process.

The participants will spend the coming days working to narrow remaining areas of disagreement, and build on areas of agreement. Ministers will reconvene within two weeks to continue these discussions.

Source: IRNA

31-10-2015 – 00:24 Last updated 31-10-2015 – 00:24

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First-Ever US Presidential Forum to be Held in Israel

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[Ed. note – According to the report below, US presidential candidates have been invited to attend a candidate’s forum to be held next Tuesday and Wednesday in Israel–further proof, I would say (should any be needed) that America is a colonized nation. According to the Times of Israel, candidates have the option of attending in person or by video conference call. It’s not clear how many of them will accept the invitation, but my guess is a good many will participate. ]

By Natasha Srdoc

US presidential candidates have been invited to participate in the first-ever US Presidential Candidates’ Forum held abroad, focusing on foreign and defense policy issues. From Jerusalem, Israel, each presidential candidate will have an opportunity to present their views on U.S. foreign policy, US-Israel relations, threats affecting US allies in Europe and Asia, the instability in the Middle East, terrorism, and solutions to increase the economic well-being and security of Americans in the US and abroad.

Each candidate will have a one hour segment of engaged discussion at the forum, allowing the candidate to be less than 48 hours away from campaign trail in the U.S.

Each candidate will be solely featured at the forum, presenting their own ideas and solutions to questions shared by a nonpartisan independent panel. This strategic endeavor will be broadcasted from Jerusalem, Israel, by media partners including NRB TV Network, joined by US and international televised broadcasting groups, including online and print media.

The U.S. Presidential Candidates’ Forum is co-hosted by U.S. based International Leaders Summit and National Religious Broadcasters.

“During the 20th century, America’s strategic leadership in foreign, security and trade policy affirmed our common civilization based on the rule of law — protecting life, liberty and private property, said Joel Anand Samy, co-founder and president of the International Leaders Summit. “At the Jerusalem Leaders Summit’s forum featuring US presidential candidates, America’s next president will be able to address the challenges, threats and opportunities of the 21st century.”

“Presidents must be fully versed on foreign policy and understanding the Middle East and how to manage our strategic alliance with Israel is an imperative for the United States,” said Jerry Johnson, the president of National Religious Broadcasters. “This is a tremendous opportunity for presidential candidates to showcase their foreign policy credentials.”


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