Russia enforcing International Law, the USA doesn’t quite grasp its meaning

Russia Is the Last Champion of International Law

State sovereignty still matters to Russia; for the United States and its vassals – such as Germany – it is an anachronism

This article originally appeared at Compact Online. Translated from the German by Boris Jaruselski.

To all intents and purposes, the super summit in New York went by far too quickly. No wonder, when the customary “culturally welcome excesses” are beaming from the screens every evening. So it happens that images, which are deserving of attention, don’t get all that much exposure. Images like this came from New York and need to be further emphasized. The images of Russian President Putin are more accentuated when the American President is on the screen.

The difference couldn’t have been greater, even for the more and more ‘guided’ German media, it was impossible to hide how penitent President Obama appeared. His Russian counterpart was the very opposite. It seems that the G8 did Putin a favour when, in a fit of self-isolation, they showed the Russian President the door. Even in today’s media landscape, these images tell more than a thousand words. Putin seems to have enjoyed his mini holiday, free from American bullying. He was relaxed, and didn’t mind showing it to the world.

Russia is on the stage again

The contrast in the west’s behaviour towards Russia, after the western coup d’état in the Ukraine, couldn’t have been more obvious. Particularly when the role of the Russian President is put in the equation while at the Ukraine conference in Paris, a few days after the super summit in New York. Matters, it appears, have been redefined at the G7 summit in Bavaria. The G7/8 and NATO were the physical exemplification of the tow-the-party-line of US interests, as the “sole superpower” and the “indispensable nation”. The West has taken this alien apparition upon themselves, with the collapse of the USSR. The world has obviously become a different place since that event.

The counterproposal for murder and homicide take shape: Russia is becoming a leading defender of International Law

Tragic as it is, but it indeed needed the attack of American bombers on an internationally protected hospital in the northern Afghanistan town of Kunduz. It is widely known, and a geopolitical reality for more than two decades, that in our neighbourhood the USA stands for murder and homicide. As it stands, a guaranteed power of global misery. It was repulsive to listen to the American President speak of Assad’s crimes before the United Nations. The standards he set up there, he, as the commander in chief, needs to apply first and foremost to himself. It would not hurt either, if he were to report some of his predecessors to The Hague for future processing. The constant calls from Washington to the German Chancellor provoke the conclusion that the instructions from Washington are given first consideration. Only then is the duty to take care of one’s own country taken into account, our country which appears to have officially degraded into a state of semi-lawlessness.

Against this stands the declared policy of the Russian Federation

From the poorly conducted research done by the Netherlands into the murder of air passengers in Ukrainian airspace, to the actions of the Russian armed forces in Syria, no matter how much weaving and dodging is done, Moscow complies with the rules. Rules which were last put in place after a murderous world war, so that in Europe and the rest of world, another world war could be prevented. If, as a European observer, this is contrasted with what comes out of Washington, then a cold terror can set in.

In a county, which only looks at the terrible potency of its armed forces and has become dependent on them, their presidential candidates are gearing up to paint images of a Third World War for us. If their words are considered, then the once proud and responsibly acting America must be on the ropes.  Murder and homicide is the outlook coming from Washington, if the protégés of the Bush’s, Cheney’s and McCain’s get their way. It is little consolation to examine the Democratic party rivals. It all started with Bill and Madeleine. But even before that, there was Henry Kissinger’s global attempt not only to eliminate accepted International Law, but to replace it with an International Law according to American interests.

The pitiful remnant of the German Foreign Office’s international law department speaks volumes about Germany

A few days after the celebrations of the unification of Germany, it is not enough to remember International Law as the central pillar for the facilitation of the reunification. From the Helsinki Conference of 1975, to the Paris Charter of November 1990: it was the frame work of International Law which made it possible. We can be proud of many things. And among them, the “Crown Jewels” of the German Foreign Office: the International Law department. Together with renowned Austrian internationalists, it was in Bonn that it was shown what it could do and do it successfully. Today, hardly anyone knows of the existence of this department. The political “error message”, coming from this place, is symptomatic of the whole country. An almost Tsarist interpretation of law is what we have now. Due to the migratory movement which, akin to a Biblical plague, is affecting our country at present, the country which adores the principle: no borders, no state. A collapse in Bavaria is a wake up call to allow a government response which would justify this principle.  There was a time when we could be proud of the “constitutional state”. Maybe we have been asleep at the wheel, but our legal order has been degraded by “culturally welcome moods”. This is killing us domestically and will steal our state’s reasoning powers on foreign policy positions.

How to keep up with Moscow under such conditions?

Moscow is on the world stage with their policies.  It is a world which is longing for predictable development. Washington is standing for the destruction of the world we are familiar with and it means “misery for all”.  Moscow is giving hope, something we can’t expect from Washington anymore. We have to accommodate this new reality with a bold new shape if we are not to be thrown under the bus.  We need to know domestically what a democratically constituted state is and we have to free ourselves from the nature of personal emergency decrees of a still in office Chancellor. Foreign policy wise, there is no war around for us.

We must make ourselves internationally worthy again and adjust our policies accordingly. Presently, chaos is reigning supreme both domestically and internationally. As things now stand we are unable to counter Russian policies. We could, in the past, be content with our culture of law and order. Moscow, unlike us, was not caught napping on watch.

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