The Children of Oslo

A moving and motivating piece for the brave young Palestinians who have taken up the struggle..

caged but undaunted

Recently, I received a message from Walaa Alghussein, a wonderful journalist from Gaza, about unfolding events in Palestine. In few, but very prescient words, she summed up the on-going explosive resistance on the ground: “cheers to the 90’s generation . . . it’s proving that this generation of Oslo was just being underestimated.” Walaa, an activist member of this generation herself, got me to thinking- she always does; this time about defiant resistance, our youthful rebels and our collective future.

Decades ago in the nascent stage of my own militant activism I had read “The Rebel” by the French journalist/philosopher Albert Camus- it was difficult to say the least. Very much a remarkable but dense journey down the historical and hysterical intellectual pathways of defining and understanding nihilism, it left me almost pained with anticipation whether his prediction of insurrections to come would pan out. Years later, while the established…

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