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DAMASCUS:  Once again, our president is obligated to observe the protocols of chivalry and finesse, in both personal life and in the diplomatic.  Having already bid fond farewells to all those who have called for his violent ouster, he is now compelled once again to extend those courtesies to the former Zionist-pig prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper.  Dr. Assad has waved off Hillary Clinton, Jose Zapatero, Guido Westerwelle, William Hague, Nicolas Sarkozy, Sergio Berlusconi, Robert Ford, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Prince Hamad bin JassemPrince Hamad husband of Madame Banana, Madame Banana herself, and so many others who, frankly, deserved to be dragged before an international court to answer indictments for war crimes against the people of Syria.

And so, with a sigh of relief, we join the good doctor in Damascus in bidding a good bye, an adieu, a bien tot, Khodaa Haafez, Ma’a Al-Salaama, Aufwiedersehen, arrivederci, hasta luego, hasta la vista, sayonara, Dos Svedanya, Ja-jinn, Dovejenya, Valvedere and a rousing Salve Tibi, grrrr, you swine! (Browning) to Mr. Stephen Harper.  We only hope, Justin Trudeau, will steer clear of calling for the removal of a leader whose emissary has a seat at the United Nations.

That’s right you Zionist factotum – bag man for the boys in Tel Aviv – bow your head in shame.  You have brought misery and embarrassment to the fine people of the Great White North.  Maybe there is still a future for you picking bear skat on Elsmere Island.
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Canadians Reject Harper: Hold the Cheers

A decade of deplorable Harper-led Conservative governance ended. It gave Canadians endless wars of aggression partnered with Washington, deepened social injustice, hardline support for Israel’s killing machine, and police state harshness against nonbelievers.

On October 19, Canadians swept Justin Trudeau-led Liberals to power, dumping Harper governance resoundingly – winning a 184 seat majority with 39.5% of the popular vote, the Conservatives reduced to 99 (with 31.9%) and New Democratic Party (NDP) a distant third with 44 (19.7%).

Victorious Liberals gained 148 more seats – at the expense of Conservatives losing 60 and NDP 51. On Monday, Canadian politics changed – but sadly stayed the same, the process replicating America’s, triopoly rule instead of duopoly, monied interests in charge the same way, assuring business as usual again triumphed.

Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party leader, eldest son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, is prime minister designate. He’s distant from his father’s ideology – his memoir publicly criticizing “the rigidly anti-Soviet stance taken by Reagan and his ideological soulmate Margaret Thatcher.”

He blamed neocon ideologues for heightened Cold War tensions. He went his own way geopolitically, establishing diplomatic relations with China before Nixon, recognizing Fidel Castro’s legitimate Cuban leadership, having normalized relations unlike America.

The late John Lennon once said “if all politicians were like Pierre Trudeau, there would be world peace.” Political Science Professor Erika Simpson said “it’s hard to parse out Justin…(I)t’s hard to figure out his foreign policy stand on anything.”

He’s “deliberately nebulous,” catering to various special interests. In contrast, Harper is openly hardline, a neocon extremist, shamelessly jingoistic, a reliable US imperial ally, fanatically pro-Israeli, disdainful of social justice, equity, fairness and world peace.

Will Justin Trudeau change things? Not likely. He supports the same business as usual agenda, backs US policy in Ukraine, its anti-Russian militancy and Israeli occupation harshness, abhorrently saying it “has a right to defend itself and its people,” ignoring its ruthless state terror.

Campaigning, he said if elected prime minister he’ll tell off Putin “directly to his face” – calling him “dangerous” in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, “irresponsible and harmful” in the Middle East, and “unduly provocative” in the Arctic.

“Canada needs to continue to stand strongly with the international community pushing back against the bully that is Vladimir Putin,” he blustered during a Toronto campaign rally.

His economic advisors include Larry Summers – a defrocked Harvard University president, notoriously pro-Wall Street. As Clinton’s Treasury Secretary, he backed banking deregulation, ignored industry fraud, supported its consolidation, promoted anything goes, and spearheaded Glass-Steagall repeal.

He successfully thwarted Clinton’s Commodity Futures Trading Commission head Brooksley Born’s efforts to regulate financial derivatives.

Instead campaigned for passing the Commodity Futures Modernization Act – deregulating derivatives trading, legitimizing swap agreements and other hybrid instruments.

It’s one of the root causes of today’s financial disaster, ending derivatives and leveraging regulatory oversight. A tsunami of trouble followed, turning Wall Street more than ever into a casino, facilitating fraud on an unprecedented scale, harming ordinary people most.

Is Summers’ shaping Trudeau’s economic agenda? The prime minister designate is no antidote to force-fed austerity. He may turn out no different from Harper with a youthful smiling face, wrapped in the Canadian flag.

The Financial Post business section of Canada’s National Post said a Trudeau win likely “bode(s) well for Canadian stocks” – meaning his agenda is business friendly and anti-populist.

His anti-austerity campaign was phony, much like US Democrat presidential aspirants Clinton and Sanders, saying one thing, intending another, reliably pro-business as usual.

Voters have short memories. Canadians forget disastrous pre-Harper Jean Chretien Liberal policies, instituting huge social spending cuts, at the same time pandering to big business.

Expect Trudeau at best to be Harper light, pretending otherwise until voters realize they were again had. It’s always this way in America. New bums are like old ones, usually worse. Canada is no different.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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  1. Dearest Stephen Lendman
    `You are so wrong about the new Prime Minister many of us grew up with him I can promise you Yes he’s business but hes fair his wife is a great activist as well. Did you know that libs are known for always balancing the books with a surplus Harper had a huge one awaiting him now were in the biggest debt ever..

  2. wHAT IS WRITTEN is not true about Justin mark my words.

  3. As a Canadian I feel I can speak for all of us we for 9 yrs had no voice never was a Prime Minister of Canada so hated The Man did not trust anyone even his party hated him~ for 3 elections in a row he cheated He even changed the elections yesterday So we Canadians decided to vote with stragedy our fantastic organizations such as Lead now and others brought forth an idea saying only vote for the candidate who has best chance in beating Harper even if we have to hold our nose lol Canadians spoke loud and clear and it reminded me of hearing Harper giving a speech in Switzerland where he said Canadians don’t care about Politics that is how out of touch he was and racist as I have never seen He tried to get us to hate Muslims but A very tall Muslim blindfolded himself on a busy corner arms outstretched a sign reading I am Muslim care for a hug and believe me when I say every person man women child hugged him this was recorded so Harper saw us saying Sorry ya old bigot Canadians love all people our Country is founded on immigration Last but not least Thousands upon thousands voted with their faces covered in support of the covering of Muslim women, showing once again his racist ways are not ours he tried make the wearing of the head coverings Muslim women wore against the law..But Just goes to show he underestimated us Canadians.Now I pray the new prime minister is even half as great as his dad He gave us our bill of rights..I have great hope in Justin …

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    Did Canada just elect their own Tony Blair?

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