Saudi King’s Adviser Says Committed to Peace With Israel, Netanyahu “Vital”

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A former Saudi general told i24news on Wednesday that he is committed to making ‘peace’ with Israel, and that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is vital to that process.

Anwar Ashki, one of the new Saudi king’s closest advisers, is the director of the Middle East Center for Strategic Studies in Jeddah. He is the man through whom Saudi Arabia and ‘Israel’ are currently conducting talks.

Ashki said that ‘peace’ between Israelis and Palestinians has failed until now because no plans were made to implement ‘peace’. This, he said, is a reason for the failure of Saudi Arabia’s own 2002 ‘peace’ proposal.

He also voiced positive views of Netanyahu, saying the Zionist leader is the key to establishing ‘peace’.

“We need Netanyahu, because he is a strong man, and he is a logical man. We need him to announce and accept a peace proposal.”

In contrast, Ashki expressed concern over Iran and its “regional expansionism”, alleging that Iranians are planning to expand to Iraq and Syria until they reach the Mediterranean.

It’s worth noting that the Saudi policy in the region has always been siding with the Israeli barbarism against the Arab-Islamic countries.

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