Netanyahu Dreams of Three More Israels

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In the video above, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reveals to Danielle Pletka of the American Enterprise Institute what apparently is one of his darkest fantasies–a world with three more Israels.

At about 30:29 Netanyahu starts talking about the agreement negotiated between the US and Iran and about holding Iran’s “feet to the fire,” accusing Iran of terrorism, etc., then he goes on, starting at about 33:00, to imagine “a Middle East with three Israels, one in Afghanistan, one in Libya, one near Yemen.” In other words, wherever there is a failed state or a state in the process of collapsing–Netanyahu would, in the scenario he paints, replace it with a new Israel.

Is the Israeli prime minister simply providing an illustration to make a point? Or is an Eretz Israel, stretching from north Africa to southern Asia what he really has in mind?

If you are not familiar with Israeli plans to deliberately create chaos and instability in the Middle East, see my article, The Blood Drippings of OY.

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