Why Does ISIS Only Fight Israel’s Enemies? And Why Do They Have So Much In Common?

Why Does ISIS Only Fight Israel’s Enemies? And Why Do They Have So Much In Common?

In recent weeks, the mass extermination of Palestinian civilians by Israel has been bumped out of the headlines by an absurdly violent and savage Jihadist group called Islamic State Of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). Evidence is emerging that the group is a proxy or at least founded by Mossad, American, and British intelligence,  and the one thing that is known beyond reasonable doubt is that the brutal Salafists are an offshoot of the Western, Israeli, and Turkish backed Syrian rebels.  Utilizing high tech American weapons (according to witnesses), they have managed to conquer numerous cities in Iraq and surrounding territories, waging a brutal war against “infidels” who for the most part, happen to be fellow Muslims or Christians.

When seeing this tragic situation unfold, it is hard not to draw parallels with Israel- a nation ISIS has made clear they prefer to ignore in order to behead, rape and torture civilians.

The Jewish Caliphate’s terrorist methods to evict indigenous Palestinians from their ancestral lands and the goal of a “Greater Israel” are similar in content with the plans of ISIS and their mission to establish a primitive, anti-Christian, anti-Shia, and extremely violent Islamic state-based on Salafism and Wahabism-which are highly criticized in the Shi’a bloc (Syria, Lebanon, and Iran) as being revisionist takes on Islam and even useful pawns of America and Israel. The leader of ISIS, Al-Baghdadi, has publicly stated that he will continue his terrorist campaign until all of the “infidels” of Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon are killed or expelled. For these cannibals and serial killers, “infidel” is used to describe anyone who is not a Sunni sectarian fanatic.

The same strategy of the Islamic State is the taken for granted policy of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Jewish fanatics.  The highly illegal and inhumane tactic of purposely murdering the women and children in Syria and Iraq by ISIS to drive them out of their home is no different than Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Gaza.

Most interesting of all, ISIS has openly refused to help Hamas or the people of Palestine defend themselves from Israeli violence. Instead, and most telling, ISIS has focused on attacking and trying to de-stabilize the nations and people who have been supporting the Palestinians of Gaza with arms and humanitarian aid, such as Assad’s Syria and Iran.  ISIS has thus far solely targeted the most defenseless Shia Muslim and Christian communities, and is waging “Jihad” against Iran, Syria, and Lebanon, who are vital geopolitical counter-balances to Israel in the Middle East.

Is this a coincidence? Of course not, both Jewish State and Islamic State are controlled by the same interests.  The real purpose of ISIS is the fragmentation of the Middle East, to exercise pressure on Shia Iran, and to undermine the growing influence of Russia.   The Zionist-occupied United States is the provider of arms and advisement to both ISIS and Israel, and thus this is their contact point.

It would hardly be surprising if both the Jewish and Islamic caliphates made an alliance and joined together to murder the children of Palestine with decapitation instead of bombs. Recently Netanyahu made a Knesset declaration that his country will continue to apply Jewish policy against the Palestinians. Thus far, this Jewish policy has meant purposely targeting schools and hospitals, deploying snipers to shoot civilians, and white phosphorous bombs to incinerate women and children. Would beheadings be beneath them? At the same time, Al-Baghdadi of ISIS has insisted that he will not stop terrorist attacks against his targets in “defense” of his group either, obviously inspired by the history of Israel.

Netanyahu and Al Baghdadi, armed and funded by the Zionist occupation of the United States, together are the causes of much of the misery of the Middle East, racing with one another to see who can commit the greatest atrocities. All European Nationalists and intelligent citizens should opt to reward them with a whole sale boycott and alienation from the political landscape by the world. Europe must not be dragged along into the mayhem caused by them and their willing accomplices.


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