The Edge of the Abyss is at the Elysee.

 Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Summary and Analysis of Today’s Assafir  Article on the Paris Attacks.

Ghassan and Intibah Kadi

Another brilliant article from Assafir’s Mohommed Ballout.  This time he is analysing the political fallout from the Paris attacks.    Assafir is the leading daily in Lebanon and at the forefront of supporting the Axis of Resistance.

Contrary to many current conspiracy theories that are running rampant, each trying to give an interpretation that coincides with their own political framework, fears, prejudices or paranoia, Ballout’s analysis of the causes and the aftermath of the Friday the 13th attacks are measured, objective and well informed.

Summary: The repercussions start right at the top and at the Elysee to be specific. Once France is back in business its politicians from both sides of the divide, together with journalists, scholars and so on, will have to painfully re-evaluate everything that France has been doing.

Hollande is hoping to get the same unanimous support he received after the Charlie Hebdo massacre back in January.  However, the circumstances back then were very different. The Charlie Hebdo attack was a result of the magazine’s depictions of Prophet Muhammad, but the Black Friday attacks were the direct result of failed French politics in the Middle East.
The French President will be facing a major uphill battle trying to prove the public and opposition alike that it was not him who was personally responsible in putting the public at risk.
Former President Sarkozy, who initiated the current French policy in the Middle East, a policy that the incumbent Hollande followed to the letter, is now turning around and demanding that France review its foreign policies and side with Moscow as there should be only one coalition fighting ISIS in Syria.
It has also become very clear to many analysts and politicians within France that the manner in which France has dealt with the rise of Islamic fundamentalism has failed and has in fact exacerbated it. There are also serious concerns about France’s stand in weakening the Syrian Army which has been at the forefront of fighting ISIS.  The concerns are further enhanced by the fact that whilst some Islamic organisations continue to be under the control of states such as Qatar and Turkey, ISIS has totally broken loose.
The major area in this concern lies in the inability to understand what ISIS is really all about, how it is rallying and recruiting from all over the globe and how to reach an effective strategy  in order to defeat it.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

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  1. I’m not at all convinced that Hollande means what he said about Russia and him wanting to change things PLEASE!!!!He’s been almost manic in his desire to go to war and he’s been one of the worsts when it comes to Russia SO forgive me President Hollande IF I and others cant believe a single word that falls from you’re lips..Why is it when the Middle east is burning that the public could care less? why are we not marching for those millions who have lost their life’s due to terror?~ Could it be their not white? God gave us all life we are equal in the eyes of the lord its to bad these so called good Christians don’t seem to understand this.

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