Russian Girl’s Response to ISIS Threats to Attack Russia

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A Russian girl has posted her own response to an extremely graphic video purportedly produced by ISIS and threatening attacks on Russia.  While the original video included special effects and massive amounts of blood and violence, in this video we see  just the girl by herself, standing on a street, reciting her poetry. (Translation is below.)

The young lady is reportedly an employee of the site. The original video–i.e. the spewing volcano of hatred and gore she is responding to–was “discovered” by SITE and made public in the media on November 12. The Russian girl’s response was posted one day later.

SITE and Katz have of course been perceived by some as the real producers of the ISIS videos. I won’t bother getting into that here, as I think in some ways it would be a distraction. The real value here, and why I am posting this, is simply the Russian girl herself–a beautiful and fearless young woman giving her response to the deranged and demonic psychopaths threatening her country and her people.

But the poem she recites, as you will see, is quite interesting as well, particularly the last line where she makes mention of the “double-headed eagle.” It’s almost as if she’s naming the US and Israel as being among the chief backers of ISIS, or that’s the interpretation I give to it anyway.

Her poem…

«Скоро, очень скоро
От русского напора
Игиловская свора
Сбежит в одном белье!

Скоро, очень скоро
Рёв авиамотора
Над вашей головою
Послышится во тьме.

Вы нас не напугали —
Мы всё превозмогали
И вечно побеждали
В сражениях и боях.
А тут игра простая —
Для нас вы просто стая,
Песок пустынь глотая,
Потерпите вы крах…

Скоро, очень скоро
Придет конец террору
Сирийские просторы
Воскреснут навсегда

Скоро, очень скоро
Мы вас как мухомора,
Как пойманного вора
Раздавим без труда.

Родина святая
Без конца и края,
С земли с своей
Изгоним игиловских химер
И ваших злых солдатов
Из их же автоматов
Мы вежливо отучим
От всех плохих манер.

Скоро, очень скоро
Не смоете позора,
Одним щелчком затвора
Избавим мир от зла.

Скоро, очень скоро
Мы вас возьмем измором
Не скрыться вам от взора
Двуглавого орла».


“Soon very soon
From the Russian head
ISIL pack
Flee in his underwear!

Soon very soon
The roar of aircraft engine
Above Your Head
Is heard in the darkness.

You do not scare us –
We still prevailed
And ever won
The battles and battles.
And then the game is simple –
For us, you’re just a pack,
Sand desert swallowing,
Bear with you crash …

Soon very soon
There will come an end to terror
Syrian expanses
Will rise forever

Soon very soon
We have you as a bad mushroom,
How to Catch a Thief
Crush easily.

With no end in sight,
On land with his
Banish ISIL chimeras
And your evil soldiers
From their own machines
We politely break with
From all the bad manners.

Soon very soon
Do not wash away the shame
With a click of the shutter
Rid the world of evil.

Soon very soon
We’ll take you into submission
Do not you hide from view
Double-headed eagle. ”

(hat tip to Nina Sidorova)

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