How to Avoid Incitement to Hate Accusations


The trial of Arthur Topman has a lot of people worried, as well they should be. The laws in force in all European countries, including Rumsfeld’s “new Europe,” against “discrimination and incitement to hate” curtail the freedom of expression and stifle historical research. Prison terms have been imposed for years now in France on those who have taken issue, or even looked askance, at the official Holocaust narrative. More recently, criticism of Israel has been categorized as anti-semitism. But are these critics bona fide anti-semites?

Many, if not most, of those who level criticism at “Jewish power,” “Jewish behaviors,” “Jewish political identity,” zionism, and Israel, and who point to the malfeasance of Jews in global and national politics, war mongering, terrorism, banking, media and culture are not in fact anti-semites. They are quite likely merely victims of a logical fallacy and of constructing false syllogisms.

Consider this false syllogism (per Eugene Ionescu’s Bald Soprano): The cat has four legs, the table has four legs. Therefore, cats are tables. It is the very same mistake those logic-challenged people make when they isolate the Jewish ethnicity as the defining common trait of the malefactors.

Their fallacy arises from taking a minor, accidental and meaningless commonality (Jewishness, or four legs) as the defining trait (“specific difference”) of the given group.

Examine the photographs below and try to discern what this sample group of malefactors have in common, notably both men and women.

Is it that they are Jews? No, that would be the four-leg fallacy and legitimately make you the target of accusations of anti-semitism and incitement to hate.

Look again! They are all bald or balding. Netanyahu’s alopecia is poorly masked by his combover, Greenspan is even pointing with his index finger to where his hairline use to be, and as for Dershowitz, you don’t even need a photo: he is known for his bald lies. The young master, Nathaniel Rothschild, opts for a Napoleonic swirl, using what growth he can draw forward towards the areas of permanent deforestation. Bernie Madoff sported the winged look, a tonsorial trick of misdirection to  shift attention from the bald pate.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Alan Dershowitz

Alan Greenspan
Shimon Perez
Bernie Madoff

Natan Sharansky

Nathaniel Rothschild

Madeleine Albright

So, it’s not the Jews, it’s the Baldies! The link between Baldness and an indurated tendency to criminality and sociopathy has not been elucidated. It may be one of cause and effect without a known mechanism or simply one of association, in which baldness serves as a marker in the same way in which, for example, large, detached earlobes are associated with a predisposition to cardiac illness.

Is Baldness genetically inherited? Has it been systematically bred in by eugenics in the secrecy of cloistered Baldness enclaves in 19th century Russia, as Gilad Atzmon (a self-hating Baldie) maintains? (He claims that the baldest denizens of the enclaves were purposefully mated with rich females to create a Bald elite.)

Or is Baldness being just as systematically induced in the young by applying constant pressure on the skull with a device called “kippa”?

There are advocates of the “state of mind” theory, according to which to be truly Bald you have to adhere to the precepts of the ideology laid out in the hair-hating Book of  Bald (hence the name “people of the Book”).

What is important to remember when trying to avoid the peril of falling into anti-semitism (for which the condition of being a non-Jew is a marker) is that you can say with confidence and complete impunity, “It’s the Baldies!”

Nevertheless, don’t fall into the trap of unwarranted generalizations because there are exceptions (in turn only serving to confirm the rule):

Mordecai Vanunu

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

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