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Usaamaa Al-‘Absi Al-Waahidi, a/k/a “Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani”, the commander of Nusra/Alqaeda was in the Jabal Al-Turkmaan area when the ill-fated Su-24 was about to go in for the kill.


Let’s track the route of the Su-24 bomber which flew out of Humaymeem AB (a/k/a Baasil Al-Assad International Airport).  Based on Russian information supplied to the world press, the Su-24 and a Su-34 took off in tandem from the airbase and, with the latter flying cover, pulverized several areas of the Jabal Al-Turkmaan region which is a hotbed of pro-Erdoghaan rodents and Alqaeda sympathizers.  After the first sortie, the planes headed east over Idlib Province and made a turn back at the area of Turk Occupied Syria at Hatay just north of Boonsiyya.  The aircraft were accosted by 2 Lockheed-Martin F-16s armed with AIM 120 AMRAAM air-to-air missiles which were fired at the Sukhoi-24 and struck it on the tail destroying it completely.  THERE WERE NO RADIO SIGNALS FROM THE RAT ERDOGHANI TURKS.  NONE ONE SINGLE MESSAGE.  Instead, the appearance of the F-16s was more like an ambush to please the child-molesting Arabians who are baffled by the concatenation of failures and catastrophes which have plagued them for months.  I will reveal to you shortly why the Turks attacked this airplane.


The airplanes never crossed into Turkey based on information gleaned from Muscovite and Syrian sources.  In fact, Vladimir Putin asserted vigorously that the planes were 0.6 miles (1 km) inside Syrian territory flying at 19,685 feet (6,000m) above sea level when they were fired upon.  The aircraft which was struck began its fiery descent over the Jabal Al-Turkmaan region where the aircraft had just dropped one-half of its payload, 4 kms from the Turk border.

Lt. Col. Oleg Peshkov, the pilot, and Captain Konstantin Murakhitin, the navigator, were able to eject from the plane but came under heavy ground fire from the Turk-controlled savages on the ground who belonged to a terrorist group called “Al-Firqa Al-Saahiliyya Al-Uwlaa” whose leader had just been vaporized by an SAAF bomber a few minutes earlier.  The pilot was either hit by the ground fire as he parachuted down or was captured alive and then executed.  EVERY ACT PERPETRATED HERE BY THE TURKMEN SAVAGES WAS A VIOLATION OF THE GENEVA CONVENTION AND WAS AN UNDENIABLE WAR CRIME TYPICAL OF THE TURK RATS.  The navigator, however,  parachuted, luckily, down to an area controlled by the SAA which gave the pilot of the Hind helicopter a feeling of comfort as he took off to collect the doubtlessly disoriented Russian aviator.  But, that helicopter also came under fire from American-manufactured-and-supplied TOW anti-tank missiles.  The helicopter made it to safety while still on fire, but, a crewmember, a Russian marine was killed. The fate of the Russian navigator was more happy than that of his commander.   He is now safely in Latakia thanks to the Syrian AF.


Amazingly, or by some queer coincidence, 2 Turk news crews were on site to film the episode.  One group was from the Anadolou News Agency, an Erdoghan propaganda factory, and another from the Haberturk TV News system, another Erdoghan-worshiping lie-assembly line.

But the goodies have not yet been revealed.  Syrian Perspective has learned that Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani, the war criminal and leader of Alqaeda/Nusra, was in the Jabal Al-Turkmaan area at the time of the first sortie south of the Yayladaghi Refugee Camp which looks over the Furunluq Arboretum.  Al-Jawlaani was intercepted by the SAA-MI barking orders and demanding action from the Turks lest he find himself converted into so much bloody porridge.  The Turks, who are not known as skilled political thinkers,  thought this was the way to now bring in NATO and enforce a no-fly zone which would satisfy the Arabian cockroaches.  But NATO does not appear to have fallen for the “stratagem”.  While the NATO secretary declared his loyalty to Erdoghan on this issue, it was also clear that NATO detected a Turkish ulterior motive and has gone shy.  A peculiarly laugh-inducing statement was disseminated about how Turkey had the right to defend its air space; forgetting that Syria, too, has declared its air space inviolable in the face of constant American and allied trespasses.

I was also informed that Al-Jawlaani was all heated up because a large convoy of trucks carrying weapons from the refugee camp was going to be incinerated by the Russian bombers once the crews were alerted to it.  It may have been an issue of preserving an arsenal rather than worrying about the life of another miserable rat.



A four-fold still-photo view of the demolition of the Su-24 and its landing.

Putin is a man of few words.  When he does speak, however, he means what he says.  There will be dire consequences for this “stab in the back” by nations who sponsor terrorism.  As of today, we can confidently inform our readers that the two incidents which have bedeviled the Russians, to wit: the downing of the Russian passenger plane over the Sinai and this recent assault on both Russian and Syrian sovereignty are being studied with typical Slavic preciosity.  The Russian investigators for both incidents are looking carefully for the motive and the actual behind-the-scenes perpetrator.  There is a suspicion that the puppet masters here are the Saudi nincompoops who use their coffers (now much depleted) to engineer every kind of atrocity imaginable to the human mind.

See President Putin’s angry response while meeting with another terrorist supporter, King Abdullah II of Jordan. Watch Vlad’s right foot as that jackal from Jordan pontificates on the importance of fighting terrorism :




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