The Covert Origins of ISIS



River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

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  1. The general french person or for that matter dutch person is not different from those Daesh/ISIS/ISIL/IS people. They applaud the bombing of islamic fanatics there. Less plastic when not having to watch that in reality but that is western media, also hiding real dead bodies and real dark blood for the sensitive westerners, This contrary to arab media who love to show the gory details widespread in the media. Proud mothers of martyrs included. There is a sacred islamic text somewhere. Stating that no people will be attacked unless there was already something wrong/out of balance with spiritual laws, with them. Food for thought. Possibly all born there deserve eachother. Sometimes i wonder if we should do a new Bethlehem counting but this time through DNAtesting, to find out who is really genetically related to Judah’s descendants and who is just one faking it. A long carefully plan to gain power over the entire, resourcerich region. But then again it is said that there were already nuclear wars in the times of Abraham. And historians say our entire history of the past 2000 years has been forged, lied about.

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