The Insane Wahabbi!

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The unbalanced insane Foreign Minister of the Monarchy of treason, blasphemy and terrorism is still talking bigger even than his masters, be it in the USA or AIPAC affiliated dark rooms! When almost many of the bribed were convinced and tasted the bitter taste of the Wahabbi groomed up terrorism, such a deformed handicapped crazy Saudi tray-boy claims that the Syrians do not want their democratically elected President!

Is it the Saudi model of democracy to talk and tell lies and fabrications  on behalf of the people, the people who are not Saudis! If the Saudi poor people do not want the Saudi Monarchy nor such a -pig dwarf; it is up to them and they are by logic right hence the Saudis have ever been denied the slightest right to vote even for allowing women to drive cars!
In Syria, the cradle of civilization, the majority of  Syrians do consider themselves as represented luckily in, through and by their elected president. Such a relation and election made the president of Syria even stronger worldwide. Once a supposedly to be a minister, in the most tiny and remote part of the world, states, he/she should at least respect the slightest  reason! What the Syrians do not want is the Saudi dirty bloody backing, sponsoring and arming of the Wahabbi Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorism.
The Syrians are even more united with their president, who has been living but only to defend them, their land, dignity, honor and life against the most barbaric hired killers and criminals and cannibals. As a matter of fact, the president of Syria has also been defending the Saudi, Qatari, Turkish, French, US citizens against terrorism. Had it not been for such a courageous, brave president, his Army, allies and brothers, all of the globe would have been by now a ball of fire! The ongoing fight against terrorism  in Syria and by the Syrians and other peace-loving allies and brothers is the real shield for all humans worldwide.
What the Saudi Foreign Minister has given the world is but propaganda for terrorism, his masters, and in a crazy repetition and reflection of grudge, hatred and backwardness. The poor helpless Saudis deserve a human being to talk for them not a fool, blind insane! Can the monarchy of treason withstand a similar savage ruthless war by terrorists of more than a hundred and twenty sates and for more than four years?
 It is impossible! The Saudis do not have the president of Syria to lead ! Millions in Saudi Arabia, and in many other countries including those whose leaders have been  unjustly and foolishly , out of envy and grudge, fighting the Syrians, do wish to have the president of Syria as theirs! The blessings of God and the late Hafez Al-Assad of having Bashar Al-Assad is only for Syrians and true humans in the borderless globe of today.
Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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  1. Idolizing a president is almost as bad as demonizing him. As i understood through several interviews Assad is fully prepared to grant free elections and have it determined within 2 years after this conflict has ended, which person the syrian people want for president. Here in the Netherlands it would be unheard of that a son can inherit being a president of his father. But it is clear that the media, owned by a specific few, has been grooming western people that Assad needs to go and is an evil man. What i hear from dutch neighbours is their extreme worry about this influx of refugees from mainly Syria but also elsewhere organized by Turkey. In such a small country, meterswise, with multicultural society being an absolute failure already, ordinary people just have had enough and they do not invest time or studies to further understand backgrounds or facts. They trust the media to inform them with truth. And so it should be. Democratically chosen politicians being trusthworthy and not bought and shaped by the israeli or israeli owned american government or the Illuminati cabal. organising themselves through the Bilderberg conferences settings. Here people are groomed and seduced also. Women by fashion, makeup etc. men by the newest gadgets. But in their hearts most of them would want the entire world to florish, have enough food, a job and also access to gadgets if they would want so. Few of them are aware or knowledgeable about all the criminal acts going on organised by white board crime or how the world is run. But is that not something that should have been taught at schools, of which many of those young people have many years in their backpacks? But where they are mostly groomed by historic false flags and outright lies. Yet at least they know the geographic locations of Afghanistan etc. unlike their american peers. Either way it seems to me we are going about it the wrong way. The way this conflict is managed from both sides will make it perpetual and most likely the israeli jews will succeed in realizing their Greater Israel, with borders somewhere in the vicinity of the Euphrate and the Tigris. That whilst not even being descendants of the Judah, which were promised???? this through a forged document, called the Torah or bible. Personally i am tired of all these hoaxes, desperate for finding new ways of a more cohesive humanity that just ensures everyone is taken care of, Which should cost no effort, only leaves less for the greedy ones with psychopathic powerlust.

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