KHAAN TOOMAAN and QARAASSI VILLAGE  The Russian and Syrian Air Forces’ campaign to plug up the smuggling routes from Turkey has paid dividends.  The rodents inside Khaan Toomaan, considered the most forbidding headquarters run by both Jaysh Al-Fath and Nusra/Alqaeda,  has now fallen into the hands of the legitimate Syrian government in Damascus.  The rout was inevitable as monitoring of rat chatter proved their leaders had a heads-up that the SAA was moving in with massive power, including the brand new T-90 tanks provided by the Russian Federation – a tank reportedly impervious to the U.S.-mfg’d TOW.  It was also detected that the rodents knew they could not hold out for very long seeing that they had depleted most of their ammunition and medical supplies.  The decision was made to evacuate the town under the blistering fire of the SAA’s mammoth artillery corps.   It appears to be absolutely true that the rat losses are in the hundreds between killed and wounded.  And the numbers are going to increase since there is no agreement to permit the vermin to depart the area.  Instead, it appears that the SAA and the RuAF are going to attempt to exterminate the rats down to the last one.  This is a major morale-busting development for the enemy.  This might also be the biggest victory since the liberation of the Kuwayris AFB or the Central Prison.

 Syrian engineers are now busy dismantling the complex web of IEDs and mines left behind by the fleeing rodents.

The Syrian Army has also renewed its offensive to regain complete control over Bani Zayd, Al-Raamoosa, Al-Layramoon and Karm Al-Turaab.  With the fall of Khaan Toomaan, these areas will be liberated quickly. 

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 A giant in the war against the Khazar Settler State, he was killed last Saturday night at about 10:45 p.m. (Damascus time) when a Zionist F-16 armed with laser-guided, American-maufactured missiles, unleashed its deadly payload at a building in the largely Christian-Muwahhid (Druze) Damascene suburb of Jaramaanaa.  Sameer Al-Qintaar, whose name is inevitably associated with courage and stalwartness, and whose legendary status among those who exalt the most laudable traits of a noble warrior – whose very name is muttered in the same breath as other giants of the Resistance Movement like Nabeel Khurtabeel, Ahmad Khaleefa, Layla Khaalid and Hassan Salaama – shall remain beyond reproach.

The Zionist F-16 was flying over Jordanian airspace at the time it fired its rocket at the building in which Sameer was visiting friends.  There can be no doubt the Jordanian authorities knew the jet was flying in their airspace because the Patriot missile system would have certainly picked it up.  The rocket was fired “off-target” so as not to ignite a situation in which the Zionist murdering pilot would be trying to evade the Pantsir and S-300 systems Syria is now free to use.

Samir was born in a part of Syria in the Lebanese mountain village of ‘Abbayh in the county of ‘Aalay (Aley), Province of Mt. Lebanon.  He had taken up arms against the Zionist settlers who defiled the land of Palestine no sooner than he had attained the age of 16 years.


 Here is a view of the building in which Sameer was staying.  You’ll note that there is little plausibility to some reports which claim that a terrorist mortar struck the building.  The missile used here was much more powerful than a mortar shell or a shell from a Hell Cannon.

 Sameer, seen here in a CNN photo accompanied by typical Khazar stormtroopers, spent close to 30 years of his life in a Zionist concentration camp on 5 consecutive sentences of life imprisonment.  He was eventually released in 2008 after negotiations between the Zionist Settler State and the Lebanese Resistance (HZB).  In truth, while he was a commando  for the Palestine Liberation Front, his sea-based operation at the occupied Palestinian city of Nahariyya resulted in his taking some Zionists hostage.  All the hostages were killed by trigger-happy ghetto rats in the Zionist army.

In Pace Requiescat.

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MAJOR HEADLINE:  RATS ARE LEAVING ZABADAANI, FINALLY.  What I told you before was absolutely true.  The town of Zabadaani enjoyed a respite from violence for a time after a cease-fire was put in place and elements of our PDC were liaised with some local militiamen to enforce the peace.  Now, it has become an even more beneficial agreement pushed forward by citizens of this beautiful resort city who had become sickened by the persistent stench of rats and their miserable offspring.  Beginning tomorrow, hopefully, terrorist murderers (100+) will leave the town with their families and head for the crossing at Al-Masna’.  There, they will be escorted to Beirut where they will apply for reentry to Damascus.  Depending on their record, some will be offered amnesty while others may have to be subject to the criminal laws of the nation.  They will not be leaving with their arms.

 OTHER MAJOR HEADLINE:  This same agreement is now being implemented in Idlib/Hama at the following towns:

Al-Faw’ah  and Kafarayyaa:  A cease fire is in effect here and has been in effect since September 24, 2015.  The citizens here, who so choose, will be allowed by the terrorists to travel to government controlled areas.  It is expected that up to 14,000 citizens will be leaving the polluted areas for a better life with the secular government of Dr. Assad.  Some, will opt to direct themselves to Beirut and then, back to Damascus.

Other areas being prepared for evacuation are:  Tu’oom, Ma’arrat-Massreen, Raam Hamdaan, Ziridnaa, Binnis, Taftanaaz, Shallakh.  



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