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In this exlcusive SyrPer photo taken of ‘Alloosh’s carcass after it’s removal from the tons of bricks which were destined to envelop him in his own private tomb, you can see how much he had eaten from the stocks of food he had stolen from the people of the Ghouta where he established his Kingdom of Rats based on the model of the Saudi monarchy.



On Christmas Eve, December 24, 2015, the leader of the Jaysh Al-Islam called for a meeting of his terrorist gangs and leaders of Faylaq Al-Rahmaan and Ahraar Al-Shaam Al-Islaamiyya, to discuss a new program of violence against the Syrian Arab Army, Hizbollah and the Ba’ath Party.  The meeting was to be held in a 3 story building in the Doumaa village of Utaayaa, a part of the Eastern Ghouta.  The meeting involved 25 commanders from all the groups mentioned herein-above.  Among the terrorist “mindermasts” was ‘Alloosh’s own brother who didn’t bother checking his crystal ball before sitting cross-legged next to Zahraan.  They reportedly prayed to their ridiculous god before starting a lavish dinner made from all the goodies they had hoarded and stolen from the local farmers.  Seated, also, at the meeting was the Josef Goebbels of the terrorist group, Baasim Bayraq-daar, the leader of Ahraar Al-Sham, Muhannad Al-Masri (‘Abu Yahya Al-Hamawi”) and ‘Alloosh’s deputy, “Abu Muhammad.  

What the rodents did not know was that an agent of the Syrian Air Force Intelligence had penetrated the organization and was delivering high quality Intel to the Syrian military establishment.  In fact, as bizarre as this may sound, my source tells me that that agent is the one who made the calls for ‘Alloosh to all the commanders invited to the meeting.  The calls the agent made were deliberately sent out over unsecured lines allowing monitors to get the message about the meeting.  The decision was made to strike at the location where ‘Alloosh was to convene his conference.  As it turned out, it was in ‘Utaayaa.   The operation had to be okayed by the Syrian Air Force Chief, Lt. Gen. ‘Issaam Hallaaq and the Director of the Air Force Intelligence branch, Lt. Gen. Jameel Al-Hassan.  No problem.  It was a “go”.

In order not to alert the rats to the upcoming foray,  the bomber which was used to fire 10 air-to-ground rockets described as KAB 500s and OFAB 500s. The primary target was the meeting, and in the videos shown on Pan-Arab television, the first rocket strikes exactly the place where the rodent ‘Alloosh was commencing his exhortation.  (Thanks to Khaled Nawaz Al-Nouri)

Muhammad Zahraan ‘Alloosh, the eldest son of ‘Abdullah ‘Alloosh, (a Syrian-born Takfiri shaman who resides, appropriately enough today, in Saudi Arabia) and was called “Abu ‘Abdullah” by his coterie of sociopaths, was born in 1971 to a family whose origins were Kurdish.   His birthplace is Doumaa which he personally turned into an island of perversity as any resident there can tell you.  He was known to have sadistic tendencies as a child what with his father inculcating him in Islam’s most hateful tenets, tenets espoused by such savages as Ibn Taymiyya and Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul-Wahhaab, the sewer faucet which gave rise to the shameless cult which now infests Saudi Arabia.   In reports compiled by the General Intelligence Directorate-Palestine Branch, he was remembered as a pugnacious little freak who not only fought constantly with his peers, but, also was notorious for torturing insects by carving holes in asphalt, placing the creatures inside the hole and, then, lighting up the asphalt around the victim to melt them to death.  He thought that was really awesome.

It was natural for such a psycho to gravitate toward sicko cults.  He took up Shari’ah Law at the University of Damascus in 1991, but found the atmosphere in the capital too “tolerant” with such great emphases on the rational Maliki, Hanafi and Shaafi’i Schools of “Fiqh” (jurisprudence).  No, that would not do for the son of a raving lunatic like ‘Abdullah ‘Alloosh.  No!  He had to find his way to a place where deviant thoughts and sado-masochistic ideations prevailed.  There was no other choice for this rising celebrity in the annals of mass murder and religious genocide than to find his way to the Islamic Shari’ah School in Madina, Saudi Arabia, where his Hanbali jurisprudential inclinations could find their voice.  He became a true believer and espoused the philosophy undoubtedly patented by Ibn Taymiyya which, in a nutshell,  can be stated as: “the only route to Paradise is by practicing rampant ignorance”.

In 2009, the rabble-rousing crypto-Wahhabist freak, ‘Alloosh, ran afoul of the security services as he began to unleash his venom openly against the government and the minority groups he claimed were running the country.  He had an especial animus for the Ba’ath Party with its secular message of mundane ideals like unity and freedom.  He was arrested by the Palestine Branch, as stated earlier, and did his stint in the Saydnaayaa Prison north of the capital.  There, he was placed with fellow hokum-peddlers who shared his raging hatred of minorities.  The big mistake was when his 8-year sentence was commuted to time served under an amnesty declaration which allowed this wretched grub and son of a cheap slattern to only serve 2 years in prison.  In essence, Dr. Assad’s kindness was transmogrified into an act of pure insanity when, in 2011, this recently released terrorist prodigy, his fellow reactionary inmates included, joined the sectarian violence erupting in Syria.

‘Alloosh had made significant contacts with Saudi General Intelligence (talk about oxymorons) whilst he was in Medina.  There is no doubt about this and the Syrian Intelligence Services exploited his relationship with the KSA-GI and his Saudi-resident father by monitoring his communications.   However, the security services did not know that he was going to cobble together a group of terrorists to work in harmony with the Saudi terrorist enablers in Jordan in an effort to oust the legitimate secular government of Dr. Bashar Al-Assad.   It started out as “Kateebat Al-Islam”, then, became “Liwaa` Al-Islam”, and, then, burgeoned into the totally Saudi-controlled: “Jaysh Al-Islam” with a budget of 50 million dollars annually

In the attack on Utaayaa, the Syrian military aborted a significant effort by ‘Alloosh to further promote the nihilistic agenda of the illegitimate regime in Riyaadh.  He is now brown bread, as the Cockneys say.  His body was reportedly just unearthed and there is much beating of breasts and moanings in the ranks of the parasites in his organization.  But, now imagine, how loud the wails are in Saudi Arabia and Turkey, two capitals of state-sponsored terrorism in this world.  The rodent ‘Alloosh leaves behind 3 wives and 10 children, all of whom are infected with the stench of his DNA.



من هو عصام البويضاني القائد الجديد لـ«جيش الإسلام» الإرهابي؟

The heir to the Kingdom of Vermin, ‘Issaam “Abu Hammaam” Al-Buwaydhaani, seen here watching a porno movie with male transvestites in the starring roles.  It appears that his couch-potato days are over.


Within hours after ‘Alloosh’s much-anticipated trip to Hell, the big brains in the Jaysh Al-Islam convened a meeting in Al-Hajjaara to elect a successor.  He is one, (or he was one), ‘Issaam ‘Ali Al-Buwaydhaani, a/k/a “Abu Hammaam”).  Born in 1975, also, in Doumaa, Al-Buwaydhaani was distinguishable by a complete lack of education or refinement.  He was a paid agent of Saudi Arabia handled by Bandar bin Sultaan himself, making numerous trips to the Arabian Planet of the Apes in order to receive secure instructions on how to increase the suffering of the Syrian people.  In fact, it was Saudi money which allowed this dung beetle to open a supermarket in Doumaa and a Damascene Sweets Shoppe in the same area.  His home was right across from the sweets store on Shukri Al-Quwwatli Street.

At the time of ‘Alloosh’s death, this child molester was “Chief of Operations” for Jaysh Al-Islam.  It is interesting that he was not invited to the meeting in Utaayaa given his status.  It might be that he was too busy shaking down the locals for their money and their food.

In 2008, he was wanted under a warrant issued by the Political Security Directorate (No. 701183).  He evaded capture by traveling to KSA.  In 2014, a warrant for his arrest was issued by the General Security Directorate (No. 138129).  He avoided capture by virtue of his membership in the JI.  He headed a terrorist group called “Kateebat Bilaal Ibn Ruhillaah” and, then, “Liwaa` Al-Ansaar” before he accepted the post that would lead to his demise.

I have unconfirmed reports that he was just killed by a unit of the Syrian Air Force Intelligence commandos in a spectacular operation.  I will update you on that as I receive more data.    



الجيش السوري: سلاح الجو ينفذ عملية نوعية ويقتل الإرهابي زهران علوش وعدد من القيادات الإرهابية

COMMUNIQUE OF THE SYRIAN ARAB ARMY HIGH COMMAND REGARDING THE DEATH OF ‘ALLOOSH AND OTHER RODENTS WHO WERE WITH HIM. (Translated from the Arabic by your editor, Ziad, Michigan Supreme Court Certified Translator/Interpreter for Arabic/English)

“After a series of surveillance operations and follow-up; in reliance on precise intelligence data and through the cooperation of honorable citizens,  the Air Force of the Syrian Arab Army executed a qualitatively unique aerial operation targeting a grouping of terrorist groups and their headquarters in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus which resulted in the death of the terrorist “Zahraan ‘Alloosh”, the leader of what was called “Jaysh Al-Islam” and a large number of leaders of “Jaysh Al-Islam”, “Faylaq Al-Rahmaan” and “Harakat Ahraar Al-Shaam Al-Islamiyya” who were responsible for firing rockets aimed at peaceful civilians in Damascus and its environs.”  (Statement from Gen. ‘Ali Mayhoob)











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