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IDLIB:  One of the messages I received some months ago from Wael indicated that the Syrian military had become so adept at finding IEDs and mines that it was a wonder why the terrorists continued to use them.  Well, he also said that the SAA Engineering Corps regularly dismantled the bombs in order to collect the C-4 explosives for other military purposes.   One of the purposes for these Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) is to kill the terrorists themselves.  Just continue reading:


Jarjanaaz:  A road passes through Jarjanaaz from the East.  In an effort to distract any attention, a terrorist leader belonging to Ahraar Al-Shaam Al-Islamiyya, one ‘Abdul Qaadir Al-Dhab’aan (a/k/a “Abu Tameem), described as a field commander, drove his 4-door vehicle with complete confidence, never suspecting, even for a moment, that he was about to depart this dimension of time and space only to enter the gates of Oblivion.  As he drove by a telephone pole, he did not notice the recently-placed IED, courtesy of SAA-Military Intelligence, or the MI agent who held in his palm the triggering mechanism.  The IED was stuffed with about 10kgs of military grade TNT with a C-4 chaser.  His car flew up in the air about 18 feet and descended just as quickly in 3 parts.  He, also, came down in various pieces.


SAUDI ARABIA:  You all know how stupid the Saudis are.  They have been rewarding terrorism with money.  They claim to be fighting terrorism when everybody, and I mean everybody, knows the are the oil-encrusted linchpin of all terrorism in the Middle East.  They have spent billions on terrorist mercenaries in Syria and Iraq.  They have started a war they can’t finish in Yemen.  And, now, they have declared war on the Shi’is of this world.  They have singlehandedly brought down the price of petroleum products only to have their anti-Putin schemes blow right back in their simian faces.  How much longer will this tribe of apes continue to rule Arabia?  I don’t know.  But, their end is coming soon.

(Image: Electronicresistance)


Already, the vultures are flying in the skies over Arabia in anticipation of the carnage which will soon descend upon the House of Saud.  You see, Al-Shaykh Nimr Baaqir Al-Nimr, was dragged out yesterday with 46 others  (in 12 different locations) accused of the crime of pointing out how corrupt and tyrannical the Saudi “royal” family was and forced to kneel so that his sociopathic executioner could behead him.  Looking uncannily like our friend Father Nathanael, he symbolized the pent-up rage boiling inside those Arabs who were unlucky enough to find themselves holding Saudi citizenship.  He was reportedly crucified after his execution in the typical barbaric Wahhabist manner.

Today, Shi’is in Bahrain and on the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula are demonstrating their revulsion at this act of pure nihilism.   As one Iranian politician commented last night, “the Saudi Arabian clique will pay a terrible price for what they have done.”  As always, no comment from the useless White House, HRW or AI.   His brother, Muhammad Al-Nimr, asked for only “peaceful” protests with no reversion to violence.  We’ll see about that.






DER’AH:  The ripples from the Syrian Army victory at Shaykh Miskeen and last week’s killing of the Saudi-financed terrorist rodent, Zahraan ‘Alloosh, have grown into waves.  The recriminations between various terrorist groups are burning the airwaves with threats, insults and challenges.  Morale is really way down with no uplifting event in sight.  More and more terrorists are surrendering and pleading for amnesty.  Paychecks are in short supply since the Saudis are having trouble getting their money into terrorist hands.  Complaints fill the air.


Shaykh Miskeen:  Some Arabian propaganda sites are claiming that only parts of the town have been liberated.  They are wrong, as always.  The entire town and the road to Nawaa are inside the clenched fist of the SAA.  Yesterday, rodent websites announced the deaths of over 50 rats with 250 wounded, about 50+ in critical condition.  The leader of Liwaa` Jund Al-Rahmaan was killed along with the commander of Nusra/Alqaeda’s Operations Room, the military commander of Firqat Shuhadaa` Al-Hawraan and all the leaders of Liwaa` Al-Muhaajireen wa Al-Ansaar.    

Among those killed as announced by the terrorist-supporters were:

Rifaa’iy Ibraaheem Al-Khursaan

Muhammad Ziyaad Dakhlallah Al-Hareeri (died at the hands of Jordanian quacks in a hospital in Al-Ramtha)


The Syrian Army invaded nests of Nusra rodents at these locations inside Der’ah City:  East of the National Hospital, East of the Bilaal Al-Habashi Mosque and the Al-‘Abbaasiyya Neighborhood.
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